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How much influence does the Media have in swaying public opinion??
Does 100% sound about right??
The American population is bombarded constantly with information on all topics that may be of interest, but by far the majority relate to negative, controversial “bad” news. One apparent function of the media is to aggravate and incite the public with reference to something someone said that MAY have been inappropriate, distasteful, racial, etc., and to relentlessly interview various individuals with the intention of getting to the truth, and getting there first.
Take CNN for example. CNN is certainly a special 24 hour news entity, and people of all walks of life use the station as a useful, hopefully unbiased information source. Credibility questions arise however when broadcast content takes on a flow of the same repetitive nonsense, all under the headline “BREAKING NEWS”. The topic of the day, week or month, is force fed from every possible angle by every possible expert, commentator, politician, doctor, lawyer etc., to the point of exhaustion.
In the past couple of years for example; we viewed vicious reports from both political parties as to the terrible outcome in Benghazi. Over and over and over; the same comments, accusations and denials, never varying or changing, just different robots mechanically spouting an unbending script. The same process has been apparent with respect to (not necessarily in chronological order) Trayvon Martin, Jodie Arias, Bridgegate, any hurricanes, Lost Flight 370, ISIS / ISIL taking over North America, Michael Brown, the EBOLA epidemic, etc., and these issues can be resurrected when convenient.
Why is it not recognized that these story lines are portrayed as the most important discussions in the country UNTIL a better, newer issue rears its head? How about weeks of fear mongering, politicians stating that Obama was at the root of the Ebola crisis; scientists and doctors had no idea what they were doing; flight traffic should be prohibited and so on. Does CNN now take responsibility, apologize and report that the “Epidemic” did not and does not exist in the U.S.? Have these politicians been made accountable for their malicious political attacks? No? Or are they too busy stirring the pot in Ferguson and juggling the talking heads to argue the lack of an Immigration Bill and who is responsible??
Is the “Breaking News” format in most cases perpetuated and expanded upon by the network itself? Do viewers recognize, as an example, that Sunny Hostin is introduced on air as a “lawyer, former prosecutor and CNN analyst”, but she is only knowledgeable enough to discuss matters involving injustice toward the Black Community? Does she not repeat her totally biased, one-sided, condescending rants each time she is on camera? Is she purposely exposed and made to appear foolish in any legal disagreement with someone like Mark Geragos? Is she invited to participate with respect to matters not involving blacks?
Does CNN “create” news by flooding the public with incessant reminders of the “Flavor of the Day, Week or Month” and then enjoy announcing “You heard it First on CNN”?? Maybe……?
More questions to follow from……….

Curious Jack

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