Black and White America

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December 1st; protests all over the Greatest Country in the World, and what will be the end result?? What do protesters hope to accomplish?? Who will satisfy their need for change and how will it happen?? Law Enforcement has been exposed as being biased toward Blacks and other Minority groups, so now what??
Black lawyers, activists and outraged supporters have utilized hundreds of hours of available media airtime to incite the public, and seem to have no rules as to how they describe the injustice regarding the Michael Brown killing. Brown is constantly described as a “child”. (Not 6 Ft. 6, 300 Lbs.) He was an “innocent teenager” about to enter college.(Not a citizen that began his day by robbing a store and abusing the owner). Media interviewers are very careful not to refute these comments, no matter how blatantly exaggerated.
There is no question that young Black men are profiled, and confirming facts are readily available to prove it. Have they earned their general reputation, or are these young men improperly categorized? Why don’t supporters point out that the majority of young Blacks strive to get a proper education and are willing to work hard to do so? Why don’t they refer to the number of responsible young Blacks that marry, raise a family and provide a solid foundation for their children? Why don’t they emphasize their multitude of attributes that are openly apparent to society in general? Would this not be a better approach in reaching out to the American public? Is it because they can’t confirm these statements??
Is it not obvious that profiling originates from a basic thought that is formed by experience? If one is travelling by air and is concerned about a bomb threat; would a likely suspect be the blonde-haired Norwegian in aisle six, or the brown-skinned Muslim in row eleven? Having said that; why are young Blacks profiled? How else but by an earned fear and reputation? Maybe unfair, but certainly the reason; like it or not.
Should Black leaders continue to complain to a White populace that has shown little or no concern to their grief, or would they be better served to encourage their own base to commit to earning respect rather than demanding it?
A sad truth is that the issue of race in the U.S. may never be resolved; at least not in the near future. Is the divide different than the ages-old conflict in the Middle East? The similarity is real, but how is this comparison possible in the Greatest Country in the World……..?
More questions to follow from…
Curious Jack

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