Budget Day – Feb. 2, 2015

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In a nutshell, and skipping the details; isn’t the message simple and forthright?? Let’s have Government deal with pertinent issues on behalf of the MAJORITY of Americans, made up of the diminishing middle class and the poor. Sounds sensible; U.S. Representatives should follow the wishes of the citizens that voted them into office. Regardless of Political Party affiliation; wouldn’t a common goal to resolve ongoing problems such as Immigration, tax reform, education etc. certainly please the MAJORITY of the population??
Not a chance?? Why??
Face the simple facts America. Any legislation that remotely suggests increased taxation of the rich will be soundly defeated. Defeated by a very wealthy and connected Congress, holding seats that were bought and paid for by the Super Rich…. How can they increase taxes on themselves, or even worse; increase taxes on the individuals and corporations that depend on them to keep their PROMISE to LOWER taxes as soon as possible??
Who are the lawmakers that legally enable the rich to hoard trillions of dollars in offshore accounts, held specifically for the purpose of avoiding taxation that would benefit the American economy? Were these loopholes put into law by the MAJORITY of the populace? Does the MAJORITY of the citizenry take advantage of these loopholes? If not; it should be obvious to ANYONE, (without the use of a white cane and a seeing eye dog) that these advantages are there solely for the use of rich, so-called Loyal Americans.
If they are Loyal Americans; why are they not INSISTENT upon paying their fair share of taxes in their own country? Why do they allow their selfish greed to take priority rather than have a goal of making their U.S. of A. a better place for all Americans? These individuals and corporate icons will never be able to spend their accumulated wealth in multiple lifetimes, but they have this insatiable thirst for MORE. Data shows that if APPLE INC. was to pay the tax increase suggested in the budget; a levy of 10 billion dollars would be paid to assist in paying for improvements mentioned in the budget description.
WOW!! 10 BILLION DOLLARS!! (And, that’s just Apple)!! Doesn’t that sound unreasonable? Does it also sound unreasonable that APPLE INC. has approximately 180 BILLION DOLLARS in offshore accounts, monies that were never taxed in the U.S.??? There will never be a Tag Day organized to help out Apple Inc., and 10 billion dollars is on the low side of what they should contribute.
What if someone suggested that many bought and paid for legislators have no interest in representing the MAJORITY of their constituents, but only heed the wishes of the people that REALLY run the country; the RICH. What if it was suggested that this bias was not in the best interests of the MAJORITY or the country and was unlawful?? Is this behaviour Treasonous? Does the definition fit in this discussed instance? Are these extreme acts against the nation itself, as represented by the MAJORITY?? Maybe there could be an open, televised, mindful debate on whether it is sensible to live in a society that allows the wealthy to represent the MAJORITY and supress any hope of success?? Could this discussion ever take place, or would the wealthy veto this or any other invasion of their power over what they claim is the Greatest Country in the World??? Guess………………..

More questions to come from
Curious Jack

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