Church and State ??

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Debate concerning the separation of Church and State should be simple, but in the U.S. it is not….. Ultra-religious members of Congress dispute Thomas Jefferson’s true intention of a “Wall of Separation” between religious influence and the process of Government, and have done so since 1802.
At last count; 98% of House and Senate Members cite a specific religious affiliation.
56% or 297 Members are Protestant / 31% or 163 Members are Catholic / 6.2% or 33 Members are Muslim / 1 Member is Hindu.
By comparison; polls indicate that approximately 20% of Americans do not believe in any God, or have no religious affiliation. Does this imbalance of representation create another divide in the American Political attitude with regard to social issues?
Many prominent Politicians, mainly Proud Republicans, cite the Bible or scripture as a means of explanation as to how people should live in the 21st century. Representatives like Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Michelle Bachmann, Steve King, Jim Inhofe, Pat Robertson, even judges like Roy Moore of Alabama are single-minded in their belief that “if it’s in the Bible; it MUST be so”. Is that statement true?? Do they believe that scripture written hundreds and hundreds of years ago relate to lives today?
Regardless of the authenticity or reality of the writings in the Bible; is it not significant that these authors never saw a paved road or a hospital? A motor car or a computer? An airplane or a cell phone? Fireworks or a ball point pen? Is it not as absurd as a celibate priest giving advice to a married couple? Do these Politicians think that the Bible relates to today’s issues regarding birth control or same-sex marriage?
They DO believe this to be true, relevant and worthy today. They also believe in the story of Noah’s Ark, but do not believe in Jack & the Beanstalk. They believe in Jonah & the Whale, but not in Santa Claus (good ol’ St. Nick). They believe that Moses “parted the waters” but not the story of Rapunzel. They believe in the Resurrection, but not the EASTER Bunny.
Should religious belief be a factor in making U.S. policy in any respect?? Is this a viable question?? Religion has proven over centuries to be the root cause of ALL wars, in ALL countries, and holds true today. Americans can easily and sensibly realize the reasons why the Shiites and Sunnis will never find peace, because they’re divided religiously and politically, just like all the conflicting factions in the Middle East. They’re obviously insane religious fanatics, — Right??
This nonsense could never occur in the Greatest Country in the World….. could it??
More questions to come from
Curious Jack

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