Cruz Craziness ???

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Simple question : Did Ted Cruz choose Liberty University to announce his Presidential candidacy, or to confirm and emphasize his partnership with Jesus Christ??

For the record; Liberty president Jerry Falwell Jr. disallows Democratic Party groups on campus, as this institution is loyally Republican, supports the belief that the United States was created by Christians alone and is meant to be a Christian nation. Approximately 10,000 students were present at the Cruz announcement, many of whom were upset by the fact they were FORCED to attend, as this was a mandatory convocation affair. Was this required attendance an example of the term “Freedom” in the Greatest Country in the World?? A better query might be – What is more important to Christian politicians; Church or State? How much influence does faith in Christianity affect political opinions or decisions?? Who has the final word?… The electorate… or “God”?… Or Jesus?…..

How does Cruz expect to mislead and unite with the Evangelical base when their core beliefs regarding topics such as immigration and gun control are polar opposites?? Does he assume that his pulpit-style, personalized presentation of his relationship with Jesus will be sufficient to camouflage his true and selfish message that is constructed and based on lies??

Mark Twain said that a half-truth is the most cowardly of lies. He also said that a lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. When Ted Cruz orates; he is eloquent, powerful, resonant, engaging and is worthy of many other superlatives regarding his ability to present his agenda. BUT – He lies to his audience on virtually all points of contention, and does so with complete disregard of any impending public embarrassment when facts are presented that prove he is lying and distorting the truth.

He forcefully states that the “government seeks to ban our ammunition”! The truth is that the administration wants to ban a type of armor-piercing bullet, (singular) certainly not all ammunition. He loudly claims that “millions of Americans have lost their health insurance due to the dreaded Affordable Care Act” The fact is that the Urban Institute shows that a net gain of over 10,000,000 citizens have been enrolled into the system. He rants that “millions of Americans have been forced into part-time work because of Obamacare”, but provides no data to substantiate this absurd statement. He is outraged by “skyrocketing insurance premiums related to Obamacare” but available information shows that the law reduces overall coverage costs. He wants to “abolish the IRS and put its 110,000 agents on the southern border”, and ignores the reality that about 20,000 individuals are employed as revenue agents or officers. Why is this behavior legal?

Not incidentally; was the selection of Liberty U. as an announcement location not appropriate? This facility describes itself as a “religious institution that trains champions for Christ, by providing a world-class Christian education”. Cruz naturally received multiple standing ovations during his speech and was impressive as expected, but what will his onlookers deduce if they choose to simply Google his untrue declarations?? Is being untruthful or misleading acceptable to true, honest Christians?

What would we think if Ted Cruz resided in a Middle Eastern country and spewed a similar, televised rant to his religious throng?? Would we be fearful of him and his followers? Would we think he was dangerous or crazy??
More questions to come from

Curious Jack

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