Eric Garner Dec 4/2014

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Is it suffice to say that Darren Wilson would never have been convicted if he were criminally charged in Ferguson, and that even the most radical critics would eventually agree upon this fact? It would be hoped so, as common sense should enter into the equation and reveal the lack of solid evidence required to make Wilson accountable for a crime.
However; what just happened in the Eric Garner case??? Eye witness accounts can certainly vary, but how many versions of VIDEO coverage can be dissected and interpreted??
U.S. Media is having a literal field day; once again countless interviews are being conducted in every venue possible, and ratings must be through the roof. As expected, Political differences (as always) are a factor; Republicans (Blacks included) preach that Garner was “resisting arrest”, and if he had obeyed the Law there would have been no issue whatsoever. He chose to object to his arrest, and though tragic, was ultimately responsible for his own death.
Democrats (Whites included) are outraged by the conduct of the Police officers involved, and point out that Garner was harmless, innocent and was not resisting in any way, shape or form. They interpret the incident as Police brutality, and are rising up all over the country to protest the targeting of Blacks in general.
So who’s right?? There are two sides (as always) sooooo ———– Why not LET A COURT DECIDE?? How is it even remotely possible that a Grand Jury in the Greatest Country in the World could NOT warrant criminal charges of ANY kind in this instance?? Was unnecessary force applied? If so; Why not LET A JURY DECIDE? Was racial profiling involved? Possibly, so Why didn’t the Grand Jury say – Hey; do you think we should bring this case to TRIAL BY JURY?
If Garner were White do you think the Police officer(s) would have been indicted? How long do you think a decision to indict would have taken? What would be a closer estimate of time to decide; would it be 25 minutes or over 2 months? What evidence would be required other than the VIDEO?? Are White citizens REALLY worth more than Blacks?
This incident was entirely different than the killing of Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin, and the Grand Jury result should disgust ANYONE; Black, White, Democrat, Republican and regardless of Religious Faith. Daniel Pantaleo and the assisting officers should have been accused of being responsible for Garner’s death, and should have had the opportunity to defend themselves in court.
How successful do you think the Police Defense would be in explaining the tactics displayed on the VIDEO….? (By the way; Sunny Hostin was right on this one……)
More questions to follow from…
Curious Jack

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