Ferguson Media Coverage

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What is going to happen in Ferguson, Missouri if Darren Wilson is NOT indicted in the death of Michael Brown? Will there be mass riots in Ferguson? Will there be mass riots elsewhere in the country? What will the reaction be if he IS charged? Will he be brought to trial due to the threat of violence in the Black community? Would he ever be convicted? If he were acquitted after trial would there be mass riots in Ferguson? Would there be mass riots elsewhere in the country?
Media across North America await the decision with eager anticipation, and acquire commentary from an endless supply of sources; both for and against indictment. CNN is once again at the forefront of the conversation, mainly because they operate within a 24 hour news cycle, and enjoy the ability to perpetuate any news topic.
Thus far CNN has interviewed numerous eyewitnesses to the shooting, countless legal analysts, Civil Rights activists, law enforcement representatives, (both local and national), and anyone with a clear pulse. This has endured regularly over the past 3 months, and has, if nothing else; provided a couple of obvious facts.
Isn’t it a given that the “eyewitnesses” completely differ on what they saw or claim to have seen occur? Will the fact that a number of these same individuals have changed their stories when re-interviewed prove detrimental to the possibility of an indictment? Can you imagine what a competent defense lawyer would do to these witnesses under examination? One fact is that Darren Wilson will NOT be charged with any crime in this case.
Is it not apparent from the endless number of interviews; CNN has bared the truth; this entire process is racial in its most explicit form? Have not all of these commentaries, over all this time, shown that Afro-American people are united in assuming that Wilson is guilty? Does anyone think that they will in any way accept reasons provided by the Grand Jury if Wilson is not indicted? It is a fact that they will NOT accept anything other than an indictment, and will blame any other decision on racial bias and Law Enforcement corruption.
There WILL be riots; and CNN will be a major cause of the resulting damage. Why is this a fact? Black commentators are invited daily to repeat their never-wavering opinions on the injustice toward innocent, profiled young Black males. They explain how an unarmed “child” like Michael Brown was MURDERED for no reason, even though he was 6 foot 6 inches in height and weighed 300 lbs. Is there any mention of the fact that he should have obeyed the officer, respected the law and avoided the confrontation? Sunny Hostin, Van Jones, L.Z. Granderson, the Brown family legal reps, the multitude of Civil Rights advocates and many more have been provided an open venue to incite the Black community.
When these riots take place; do you feel that this media giant will take responsibility for any loss of life or damages caused when the chaos starts? Do you think that it is doing anything positive regarding an ever-growing racial divide???
What if, (this is sarcasm, because it will happen) CNN continues the normal pattern of agitating both sides with multiple daily interviews regardless of the Grand Jury outcome? Will the goal be to assist in resolving the issue or to create even more non-productive division between Blacks and Whites??
NOT the Greatest Country in the World………………
More questions to come from..
Curious Jack

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