Health Care

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Opposing American politicians disagree on almost everything, but why do they disagree on Health Care? As a Canadian; I live in a country using a national Healthcare System similar to programs used in most industrialized countries. Many Americans are unaware that the U.S. is the only industrialized country without a national system, and as a result are ignorant to the presence of the monetary disasters that have occurred in their history.
Too many families have been bankrupted by illness treatment costs that were uninsured but would have been covered in a national process.
In Canada as an example; health care costs are a way of life; mandatorily deducted from an individual’s pay plan, as with income tax charges, pension and unemployment contributions. Most employers willingly participate and share in both health and pension plans; this is also a way of life.
In American history; powerful, money-driven interests have succeeded in resisting a national system, because quite simply; it would change the bottom line of the wealthy. Even now; the entire Republican Party is opposed to the Affordable Care Act, and for the same reason — Money. They paint a portrait that this system is Unaffordable, is too expensive, that it will cost jobs, and although highly beneficial to the rest of the world, is not good for the “American People”. They claim that because companies will incur additional costs that they will reduce staff and have fewer people create the same production. Don’t these same companies do that now?? Don’t they expect full efficiency from their employees now?? How can they reduce staff without a loss in production?? Production is money.
Aren’t these the same employers that don’t want to even discuss tax increases?? Aren’t they represented by the same Republican Party that refuses to increase taxes on the rich?? How can they increase taxes on the very people that paid to buy their seat in congress?? So simple… Is it not possible for an individual; with Democrat or Republican backgrounds; to open their mind and accept the obvious??– The people voted into office are not there to please the populace — they’re there to protect the wealthy and gloss over any suggestion of a system effecting a profit reduction.
Why not recognize that employers that refuse to participate in employee health care programs purchase coverage for themselves and their families using corporate dollars?? Greed and money are real entities and are the only reason why politicians distort the truth with nonsensical rants describing the evil “OBAMACARE”, a program designed for everyday citizens in everyday lives??
Question for now…… If your annual family income is less than $80,000 and you are represented by a Millionaire Republican OR Democrat; do you really think he or she has your interests at heart? Why is it impossible to elect someone with your interests, lifestyle and values? Is it because you are at the mercy of the rich? Two more questions… What happens if you get sick or hurt? Last election; did you vote??
More questions to follow from………


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