House Speaker Netanyahu

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An abundance of questionable tactics surface on the political landscape, but who could have scripted this phenomenon?? Did John Boehner unwittingly give up his position as Speaker of the House to the Prime Minister (at present) of Israel??

Binyamin (BIBI) Netanyahu was applauded with much enthusiasm at his “State of the Union” address on Tuesday, so what can be next?? Why not a bid for President of the Greatest Country in the World?? So what if he’s not a resident or that he was born elsewhere; maybe there’s a way to misinterpret the Constitution!! Why not run a poll to see if he would be more popular than any of the present Republican candidates? He might be elected and then war would be guaranteed rather than delayed.

If a Republican President had been elected in 2008 or 2012; would the U.S. already have been at war in the Middle East? Would the the citizens of the U.S. Be demanding that the residing President cease and desist in continuing another conflict that cannot be “won” as politicians commonly deem possible? Would they be outraged at the deaths and injuries suffered by young Americans involved in a quest to resolve issues spanning hundreds of years? (Picture John McCain as President… Any doubt??)

Do Republicans want war now? Is Obama weak because he won’t “be tough” in dealing with leaders in religion-torn countries? Should the U.S. go all out; send thousands of troops to “destroy” ISIS? Should the present administration cease negotiations with Iran?

Speaker BIBI states that with or without America; Israel will prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, and asserts the intention of STARTING a war against Iran if necessary. This attitude begs a question…. Obviously Israel can start a war, but can it finish one?? Will the U.S.; the world’s police, sit idly by? Will BIBI, the new, popular Speaker of the House be the catalyst that finally unites the GOP and creates a war of necessity, a war to prove loyalty and protect America’s most revered ally?

What if Iran makes a “deal” with the administration? What if BIBI loses his election in spite of his politically-driven U.S. Speech? How did BIBI become the new darling leader of the Republican Party? By the way; if anyone disagrees that BIBI is NOT all-powerful; please name a party member that disagreed with any statements delivered in his presentation, and chose not to eagerly stand and applaud his vehemence.

Far too many Politicians are in favor of war, and cite the need to defeat the enemy, to “win”, and historically have made attempts to do so. Who won in Korea? Who won in Vietnam? Who won in The Gulf? Who won in Iraq? Who won in Afghanistan? Where are the victories? Who would have earned first pick in the draft if the Greatest Country in the World was in a war league??

More questions to follow from
Curious Jack

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