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What a topic… Democrats and Obama want a beginning of Immigration Reform now. Republicans want Reform, but not now. Republicans want to “secure the border” first, and then deal with Reform. How is this “Reform” supposed to be dealt with and agreed upon?
Firstly; it is a given that both Parties realize Illegal immigrants are crossing the border (Emphasizing the Mexican border), and taking available jobs from American citizens. As an example; these Illegals somehow get hired INSTEAD of willing White workers in Major hotel chains all across the country. Any tourist or traveler would be aware of this injustice, because it seems that very few White Americans have the privilege of cleaning rooms, sweeping, mopping, dealing with restaurant waste or similar tasks. The fact is that the VAST majority of these employees are Hispanic, and quite often they have difficulty with the English (sorry, American) language. It should be also mentioned that a significant number of these workers are Afro-American, but Whites aren’t regularly chosen for these positions because they are visibly absent from most hotel staffs.
This phenomenon seems to occur rampantly throughout the nation, because Illegal Immigrants are stealing jobs from enthusiastic White Americans. Whites can’t seem to find jobs as Nannies in wealthy family homes. They can’t pick fruit or vegetables. The dirty, dusty, filthy, back-breaking , common laboring jobs are unavailable; taken up by Illegals, all working for less than minimum wage.
From a simple perspective, an obvious question relating to this dilemma is apparent, but is somehow NEVER, NEVER,NEVER brought forward during any talk show, newspaper column, political debate, etc. WHO hires these Illegals???
A Canadian citizen recognizes that it is not possible to enter the U.S. and earn a living without a legal Green Card. Special permission is often granted due to acceptable instances, but proper criteria has to be met by employers to allow the hiring of any individual.This is true of any other nation, including Mexico or other Hispanic countries, so why do these people come to the U.S. when they cannot be hired ANYWHERE?? — Is it because American employers, small or large, domestic or otherwise, hire them illegally and are not subject to serious, business-ending punishment as they should be??
Is it not a fact that companies or individuals guilty of hiring Illegals are the SOLE source of Immigration issues in the U.S.? Why would a Mexican citizen bother to enter the U.S. if there was no work available now or ever?? Why don’t these so-called responsible, dedicated Politicians insist that Criminal charges be laid upon employers that hire Illegals? Would that not solve this unsolvable problem? OR — Do they suffer outside pressure from the Monied Sources that bought them into “elected” office??
Seriously; are these legitimate questions, and should these thoughts even become an issue in what is claimed to be the Greatest Country in the World?? Maybe not…?
More questions to follow from …….
Curious Jack

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