ISIS / ISIL December 3/2014

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Not much recent Political Media coverage regarding the ongoing trauma in the Middle East. Maybe the GOP are distracted from ISIS / ISIL criticism (for now) with issues like erasing Obamacare, resisting Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration, or just arguing among themselves in anticipation of 2016.
A couple of questions arise however; one being just how long after the new Congress takes over will a “Go to War “initiative begin? When John McCain assumes his leadership of the Armed Services Committee will discussions of Combat Troops countering ISIS / ISIL occur in the near future?
The U.S. has been at war somewhere in the world on a constant basis for many years, but cannot claim victory in any involvement. From Korea, to Vietnam, to the Gulf War in Iraq, to Bosnia, to Kosovo, to Afghanistan (still going), to Iraq again, to Libya; it has proven to be profitable to a segment of the manufacturing and investment wealthy in the U.S., but not satisfactory otherwise. Aggressive, hawkish Politicians are proponents of putting “Boots on the Ground” in Iraq and Syria, because isolated air attacks are not completely effective against ISIS / ISIL. Will they ignore the deplorable human losses and injuries suffered in past conflicts, and (contrary to the wishes of the American Public), insist on involving large numbers of soldiers in another unwinnable conflict?
Questions — Are these Politicians willing to risk the lives of their OWN children and grandchildren to fight in the Middle East? Are they prepared to put their benefactors’ family members in harm’s way? Do you think these troops will consist of privileged, well-off youngsters or will the combatants, as usual, be represented by lower-class, lesser earning individuals that have (by wealthy standards) questionable futures? Are these the same Politicians that are against increasing the minimum working wage available to many of these young people, but will put them in uniform?
History bears out the fact that Politicians are more than willing, for monetary gain, to send troops to intervene in an atmosphere containing a culture that HATES Americans, and always will. Why interfere again? Is it possible to successfully defeat a religious, terrorist faction whose goal is to kill and murder non-believers? Are the answers to these questions not apparent??
U.S. citizens are able to perceive that they have many, many internal, important problems within their own society that should be prioritized, but are ignored by Elected Representatives that were BOUGHT into office. What is more important; solving U.S. issues or crises in the Middle East? If Politicians don’t comply with constituents’ wishes; why not vote for candidates that will satisfy your wants and needs?? Can you VOTE??
More questions to follow from….
Curious Jack

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