Job Creators

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Questions regarding “Job Creators” —-
Is it not a known fact that a few generations ago, U.S. workers had to persevere (through vigorous and deplorable opposition from “Job Creators”) to form Unions with the purpose of acquiring safe working environments, fair wage scales and benefits?? Were “Job Creators” not guilty of selfishly and disrespectfully providing unsafe working conditions, hiring underage staff, taking advantage of needy citizens, etc., that formed a basis for rebellion?? Were Unions not a necessary solution that helped to curb the incessant greed of employers and their disregard of the dignity of their fellow man? Did the successful formation of these Unions not lead to changes that began a process in forming employment standards that are present today?
BUT – In reality; Unions provided many needed, positive changes at that time, but proved to be as self-serving as their “Job Creator” adversaries, demanding (as they do today) more than a sensible share of the pie. Union leaders became wealthy and powerful; the people they supposedly represented became the contributing pawns in the overall conflict between workers and the establishment. Unions forced their way into independent businesses, often serving to undermine and destroy what were formerly profitable, solid venues.
Slowly but surely; Union power has been diluted, and many have failed. The “Job Creators” found an easy solution to what were seen as unreasonable union demands. They decided that there was really minimal need for full-time employees on staff, and that a multitude of part-time replacements would suffice. Why would an employer resort to this method of operation?? Wouldn’t a long-term, dedicated, loyal worker be preferable to a transient and disinterested substitute in any company??
Apparently not; especially when the “Job Creators” have no obligation to pay into benefit and insurance programs for the part-timer. They have no need to provide salary or hourly-rate increases to part-timers. In truth; part-time employees have no voice, no representation, no independence; their only connection to each other is that they must work to survive, often at disgustingly low minimum wages.
Do Politicians that oppose raising the minimum wage scale or employer participation in health care benefits have an ulterior motive?? Is it outrageous to suggest the possibility that these Politicians are controlled by the so-called ”Job Creators” themselves?? Are they really “Job Creators” or are they greedy, wealthy mercenaries that have little regard whatsoever for the people that strive to make a decent living in their employ?? Is “Job Creator” just another smoke-screen Political, media term dreamt up and used to gain some phoney legitimacy??
If a country was described as follows —“Is ruled by a small section of filthy rich, self-serving individuals. – Is Politically represented by a group of wealthy individuals that were voted into office, recipients of campaign successes that cost Hundreds of Millions of Dollars. – Regardless of dollars spent; ingrained two-party political system is fully divided and conflict will never be resolved. – Is divided by Religion-based beliefs relative to social issues, and under constant conflict regarding the separation of Church and State. – Is racially divided beyond repair. – Is in danger of a critical infrastructure collapse. – FIFTEEN PERCENT of the population, nearly FIFTY MILLION people, live in poverty.”
What country would that be??? Would some criteria fit Iraq or Saudi Arabia? Iran or the Ukraine? Israel or Pakistan? Syria? Where would it be?? In any case; it doesn’t seem like a great country does it?? Certainly not the “Greatest Country in the World”…………………..
More questions to come from
Curious Jack

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