Mark Levin… Radio Hatred

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I’ve made prior Talk Radio commentary and made reference to the all-star cast of hatemongers like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others that are part of the “vitriol broadcast industry.” As a Canadian; it’s difficult to imagine the lengths these individuals will go to spread their message to a base of listeners obviously absorbed by delusional diatribe.

My thoughts were refreshed Monday evening while driving home, as I stumbled upon WGY on my radio dial, was treated to a full-force dose of Mark Levin in all his glory, and as usual, the absence of laughter, idle banter or humor rang loud and clear. Hate is the only subject, but does this programming not bring American broadcasting to a feral, ferocious level? Is this the constitutional “freedom of speech” so often spoken of??

I listened for approximately 45 minutes, and endured the focused accusation that all Democrats were as evil as could be possibly imagined, all whom are dedicated to the complete and utter downfall of the nation. This message was proclaimed relentlessly in a robust manner, and described in a seemingly endless number of examples. If I didn’t know he was referring to an elected American President and his political party; I might well have imagined he was speaking of a force of Vikings raiding a peaceful island village, raping and pillaging as they pleased.

Mr. Levin repeatedly ranted his total disgust and shame in his President. (In fairness; he is not HIS President, and therefore is fair game.) In any case; he spews the idea that Barack Obama is nothing short of the Antichrist, and is guilty of all things against the Greatest Country in the World. Obama is a liar, untrustworthy, a bigot, an anti-Semite, an evil disease that must be cured at all costs, etc., and is a dangerous adversary that must be defeated before it is too late.

Incredibly; the above two paragraphs constitute Mark Levin’s entire program content each and every broadcast. Hatred of Obama, and hatred of all Democrats. How can this agenda be accepted as anything but loud, hysterical, repetitive nonsense that undermines the very essence of a united populace?

Can this loathing and hostility be sourced (in any sense of the imagination) to the reality that Obama is Afro-American?? Maybe….. or positively? As a reference, does this constant contempt bring forth memories of the scorn and animus absorbed by black citizens in American history? What other Commander-in Chief of the Greatest Country in the World has endured such abhorrence by an opposing political party, subjected to ridicule in every phase of his leadership? Why is this treatment bestowed upon Barack Obama in particular? Can this obvious prejudice be denied by ALL his adversaries????

Mark Levin and his competing radio hosts would have his audience believe Barack Obama belongs in a select category with other vile and disgusting individuals like Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy or David Berkowitz, just to name a few. Would he describe them any differently?? If he left out the names could you know who he was speaking about? What benefit does this frantic malice provide to the public, other than to fester and create even MORE hostility?

If this talk radio drivel were spoken in person, on a platform, before a large and impressionable agitated crowd, could the attendees be provoked enough to become aggressive? Could this type of rancor be effective enough to incite a mob formation? Would it be legal? How would this differ from the hatred delivered in the past by the Ku Klux Klan? Is this suggestion really stretching the point??
More questions to come from
Curious Jack

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