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Television Media is obviously partisan in many instances. For example; leftist attitudes are portrayed on MSNBC and right supporting beliefs are taken to another, higher level on Fox News. Is it possible however, that Talk Radio influences the opinions of even more listeners in forming harmful thoughts concerning the “Greatest Country in the World”??
First and foremost, can we agree that the tuned-in radio audience consists of a population that is often unaware of how Government works, can’t name the three branches of Government, can’t name their own representative, think the story of Noah’s Ark is verbatim and miss seeing the Jerry Springer Show every week?Google a few clips of Jay Leno asking simple questions to random pedestrians; you may then figure out why only 35% of the populace takes the time to vote, or to question why they should.
But — these same people are highly impressionable and very, very susceptible to radical rants and vitriol expressed on Talk Radio. It is an industry unto itself; and is represented by a zealous group of individuals that have attained rock-star status and the rest are doing their outrageous best to get there as well, demanding their evil message be heard.
Liberal hosts work hard to compete with their Conservative counterparts, but can a totally biased Al Franken or a Thom Hartmann really hope to compete with the list of fanatics on the other side?? Not a chance…. This group is in a class by itself……..

How can the vulnerable public not be victimized by the hatred and lunacy reflected by a lineup that includes Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Michael Savage, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin and MANY more?? All these crazies induce MILLIONS of listeners to absorb poisonous attitudes on a daily basis, with the pretense that they “love their country”, and unfortunately are not receiving much-needed psychiatric care.
Why do they hate their elected President? Is it because they hate all Democrats? Is it because he’s Black? Is it because they are making tons of money spreading bile to the ears of all who will listen, in a quest to create additional haters? All this and they still profess to love their country; the Greatest Country in the World.
What if it is suggested that this evil downpour of insanity has permanently divided the residents of the U.S., and has constructed an internal disease that has all the same symptoms of an Islamic State? Do we not ask ourselves; “How can we deal with these religious fanatics in the Middle East? How can we hope to live in unison with these people that openly hate and strive to kill us?” — Yes; we do have these thoughts, and rightly so, because will never be able to change the culture and conditions in a sector that has been in conflict for hundreds of years. Has U.S. Media decided to inflict a similar curse on their own population??
Twenty million people faithfully listen to Rush Limbaugh every week, and his competitors vie for similar numbers by expressing even higher levels of disgust with a President and an administration that is “the worst in history!” In total; as many as one hundred million may get their political information and ideals based upon the opinions of these radicals. How is this spread of hatred different than that of people in the Middle East??
How is it possible that if you were to ask ANY of these radio hosts how they feel on issues relating to Government Policy; they would ALL have the same reaction and opinion?? What would they say regarding the Affordable Care Act? Minimum Wage? Immigration? Climate Change? Gun Control? Really now; just how is it possible that each and every one of these supposedly well-educated, thoughtful, sensible people would ALL have the same reaction to any of the above????

Sensibly; how could this occur?  Is the Talk Radio delivery of one-sided messages, biased beliefs, open hatred, complete and total disrespect for “fellow” Americans beneficial to the United States of America? Is Talk Radio another reason for a discerning thinker to realize this is NOT the Greatest country in the World??


More questions to follow from
Curious Jack

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