Money and Elections

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Millions and millions of dollars are spent by self-interested donors to control the election process in the “Greatest Country in the World”. These monies are used to coerce voters (in any way possible) to elect officials that will be obligated to reciprocate by governing in a manner suitable to these donors. Is this a fair and true statement??
Most Americans should be aware of this fact, but obviously are not, and this is proven historically by consistently low voter turnout at election times. Less than 60% of U.S. citizens bother to vote, as compared to Scandinavian countries as an example, that have a constant turnout of better than 80%. Why do Americans not exercise the right to vote? Is it ignorance? Is it laziness? Do they not care? Do they feel they don’t matter? Have they given up?
Most media venues provide regular poll results that give insight on political public opinion regarding a wide array of topics. Selected “Experts” then proceed to make related commentary, either positive or negative, usually depending on their political affiliation. The American public then form their opinion, based largely upon the strength and presentation of the “Experts”, thus forming a basis for future polls. BUT —– Aren’t ALL these opinions created and broadcast by the Media?? Don’t they create and deliver the content that makes up the poll findings? Where else can the public attain information,( true or false), except the Media? Fox News, CNN, USA Today, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc, etc, etc, all reporting OR developing the SAME news; all having a different slant and all with a different poll. Impossible? Only in America??
Can Money possibly be the root cause of this somewhat strange conflict in the Media industry?? Are ALL of these outlets owned and controlled by Billionaires and their associates?? If so, would that seem proper to the majority of the general public? Likely not, but the issue can only be dealt with if the general public becomes involved with their nation’s interests, placing less importance on a favourite TV program, sport, or video game, and cast a ballot based on research, not propoganda.
At present; America cannot elect a President, or any other government official that is not financed by the rich, thus eliminating any thought of an “Average Joe” representing his or her State or Country. This is a fact, and is proven by the overwhelming need of funds necessary to give voice to the voting public; a voice made available by GUESS WHO?? The MEDIA?? (The media that is owned and controlled by the rich.)
Jesse Ventura feels political candidates, as well as members of Congress and the Senate should be required to disclose individual financial sponsors and contribution amounts. He cites NASCAR as an example, with logos adorning vehicles and uniforms, each proudly displaying monetary support for the racing team. PGA tour members wear clothing advertising various golf products, openly marked for all to observe and certainly not meant to be secretive. Why do the rich and wealthy want to remain anonymous in support of their chosen few?? Is it because they don’t want publicity?? Why do they stay behind the veiled curtain?? In a different venue would this behavior seem evil??
It certainly shouldn’t and wouldn’t happen in the Greatest Country in the World………… Could it???

More questions to come from……..
Curious Jack

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