More Black and White America

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December 3rd, and the Media keeps feeding the beast. There have been a plethora of interviews over the past 48 hours, once again creating polar-opposite racial opinions; that now include Charles Barkley comments and possible charges against Louis Head.
Is it unusual that all Black commentators, whether they be L.Z. Granderson, John Carlos, the ever-present Sunny Hostin or others, repeat and confirm that Louis Head was emotionally overcome with surprise that Darren Wilson was not indicted and should be excused from any blame during the riots? The irrepressible Hostin understood Head’s outburst, and stated on CNN that Brown’s mother fully expected an indictment and her disappointment caused Head to incite the crowd. Does anyone wonder what she would say if a White individual were to display a similar violent persona in ANY context??
Is anyone surprised that Black interviewees are in disagreement with Barkley because he isn’t saying what they need to hear, and therefore may stall the common mission to unite against the Establishment?? Blacks ARE discriminated against in many, many instances; TOO many, to be sure. Why though, is it wrong for Barkley to state the obvious and assert that many Blacks are CROOKS and people need police protection? Why is it unjust to refer to looters as Scumbags but that they do not represent all Blacks?
Blacks resent being profiled due to the behavior of some individuals. They do suffer from this ongoing stigma, but somehow feel it’s quite all right to profile and accuse “THE POLICE’ as a living entity. Is this thinking not lumping an entire group together due to the behavior of some individuals? Why is there such an imbalance in racial representation in many Police Forces across the nation? The disparity is generally perceived to be discriminatory, but can there be other reasons?
Requirements to become a Police officer are varied, and begin with education minimums. A high school diploma is a base necessity, and many states require a college diploma, often majoring in Criminal Justice. Are these requirements a deterrent to possible Black applicants? Are qualified young Black male or female prospects disqualified because of their race? Do they feel a need to acquire a career in Law Enforcement? Should Black leaders encourage youngsters to represent their communities rather than complain about an imbalanced Police Force??
Can it be accepted that a large percentage of White Americans are racist, even though it is Politically Incorrect to admit it publicly? Here’s another question — Can it be accepted that a large percentage of Black Americans are racist, even though it cannot be addressed in any venue? Watch and listen to the very visible Sunny Hostin as an example, and ask your inner self if she is a racist…… Or does she merely happen to regularly make the same conclusions with regard to Black/White issues in the Greatest Country in the World??
More questions to follow from……
Curious Jack

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