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Further to my criticism regarding CNN’s coverage of the Ferguson/Michael Brown/Law Enforcement conflict; the deluge of commentaries and “expert” opinions continue. As most predicted; there was no indictment of Darren Wilson, riots and damage did occur (even more severe than anticipated), and racial divide is clearly apparent. CNN has been available to ensure the continuance of the debate; with all-night, on-the-scene presence by an All-Star cast of reporters; an all-day, all-night followup by a myriad of interviews, all carefully conducted to include both sides of the issue.
Is the entire public oblivious to this clever but devious tactic that is portrayed to be a non-partisan and fair presentation of the available information?? Why not entertain and then recognize the idea that CNN, in addition to similar media, actually CULTIVATE the outrage and frustration that has resulted in creating an unsolvable problem between Blacks and Whites?
Is it wrong to suggest that; again as an example; someone like Sunny Hostin (although described as a legal expert by CNN) insists that Wilson should have been indicted regardless of forensic data and flawed witness statements? Does she and others with the same mindset feel it would be a sensible act to waste tax dollars on a trial that could never result in a conviction? Or— Is it because she is African American and absolutely nothing will deter her from her quest to represent her cause? Is it impossible for her and other loyal but sensible members of her race to project a voice of reason to her people, rather than add to the madness?
Quite simply; she cannot, and CNN will continue to display her; front and center every day, so that she can (and will) repeat, over and over; her displeasure with the legal system and this “injustice”. She will thereby assist in supplying the necessary fuel to enflame her populace, but she and others with a like stance will only serve to annoy those in opposition to her views. Either way; CNN reaps the benefit of using a token Sunny Hostin to retain or increase its viewership, under the guise of extending unbiased news to the public.
CNN serves a purpose, provides worldwide coverage and information unavailable elsewhere, and is very, very good in most phases of its process. The broadcast staff are well-trained and directed, (earpieces at the ready), are ALL beautiful, handsome or Wolf Blitzer, (why don’t they hire homely people?) and are certainly diverse in extending a broad network of material.
However; does CNN openly provoke and insert embellishment when referencing political, racial and other controversial subjects?? Is it reasonable to assume this is a planned methodology that is designed to enhance ratings and increase profits?? Could CNN and similar-thinking, mercenary media outlets provide further indication that this is NOT the Greatest Country in the World?
More questions to follow from…
Curious Jack

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