Not the Greatest Country in The World

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Just another day in “The Greatest Country in the World’……….. The President of this “great country” uses executive action to deal with the Immigration System; the Republican Party is outraged, threatens numerous forms of retaliation and begins with bringing a lawsuit against the President regarding the Affordable Care Act.
As a neighboring Canadian; I constantly wonder why U.S. politicians refer to themselves as “Proud Americans” when the term is untrue in every respect. They are NOT proud Americans; they are in fact COMMITTED Democrats or Republicans, loyal only to their party and their party only.
How are American politicians different than the Palestinians and the Israelis?? The Sunnis and Shiites and Kurds?? Catholics and Muslims?? The Hatfields and the McCoys?? North and South Korea?? Etc. etc. etc……..
No difference, none. Given the opportunity they would resort to violence but because that would be seen as barbaric, each side expresses hatred in a somewhat civilized manner but openly reveal a warlike attitude in all phases of their endless differences and confrontations. How is it remotely possible that an educated, intelligent, thoughtful group would ALWAYS totally agree with their own side and ALWAYS vehemently oppose ANY thought from another educated, intelligent, thoughtful group??
It doesn’t happen in a successful business does it? Imagine two company executives at odds in all decision-making areas of their process. They completely disagree with procedures relating to sales, advertising, accounting, manufacturing, shipping etc., and as a result nothing happens. The company fails; all is lost.
When you think about it; does it happen anywhere else in our lives? If we don’t compromise with our peers on a regular basis would we have friends, employment or any satisfaction in our existence?
U.S. politicians regularly refer to what “American People” want ; what they are upset about, and what their party is going to do to solve their problems. Having said that; the normal followup is to immediately criticize the opposing party; stating the terrible things they stand for, and conveniently fail to describe the solution they have contrived to deal with the issue, no matter what it is.
Is The United States of America united or is it divided?? Is it politically represented by wealthy Senators and Governors sitting in Congressional seats bought and paid for by billionaires that have no regard whatsoever for the well-being of the “American People”? Are they are loyal to themselves only, and do they monetarily control what is definitely NOT THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD???? ………….

More questions to come from
Curious Jack

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