Presence Power

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How persuading or dissuading is an individual’s personal appearance in forming a public or political opinion?? Are Americans more apt to vote for beautiful, handsome, strong, attractive people rather than those described as ordinary or even homely?? It could well be…..

As an example; shouldn’t the President of the United States look like a PRESIDENT; whatever that means?? This question begs another question – Which of the present or future 2016 candidates could garner voting support based on being thought of as “looking the part”??

Regardless of popularity polls, skin color, or any other criticism; does Barack Obama not exude the attitude and confident manner of a president?? Does he speak, walk, dress, etc. and create a presence expected of his public?? Is there any doubt?? Does he visually suit the title??

In the past; one might agree that Bill Clinton would certainly fit the persona, because he somehow LOOKED like a president, as did Both Bushes, Ronald Reagan, Abe Lincoln, Ike, Gerald Ford etc. Jimmy Carter didn’t exactly suit the mold, but is any process perfect?

Some of today’s potential candidates may have issues meeting the appearance factor. For examples; under scrutiny; does Jeb Bush not look like a “Jeb”, maybe from a country-style sitcom? Doesn’t Ted Cruz look and act like an evil James Bond adversary, one that we eagerly anticipate will be defeated at the movie’s end? Doesn’t Hillary Clinton remind us of someone’s pasty-smiling Grandmother, badly in need of a talented hairdresser? Maybe it’s due to their unbending need to connect Church and State, but would Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Scott Walker and similar believers not be better suited to positions that are solely faith-based? Does Joe Biden not look like an automobile dealer? Does Rand Paul look like a president or a jockey? Is Chris Christie just too heavy to represent the U.S. of A.? Is  Ben Carson seen as a handsome brain surgeon until he speaks before a camera? Does Rick Perry seem as delusional as Michelle Bachmann?

With reference to Michelle Bachmann, (thankfully not running); she may be an ideal example of how behavior and appearance can influence human opinion, and also induce fantasy. Doesn’t she have that wild-eyed, crazed, spiteful look reminiscent of Cinderella’s evil stepmother? Wouldn’t she be perfectly cast in a movie remake role? As an afterthought; why not have a pair of radical zanies like Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin play the roles of Druzilla and Anastasia?? Is this not potential Oscar material??

Does appearance matter in selection?? Which candidate looks like a a president?? If he was interested; would George Clooney win in a landslide??


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