President Bernie Sanders??

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Are you a a voter yearning for a president that is honestly focused on the well-being of the American People as a whole, rather than catering to the Rich? Which presidential candidate has a platform that remotely approaches the agenda portrayed by Independent Bernie Sanders?? If you are unaware of Bernie Sanders; it may be interesting to do some research, but will also be discouraging because he has zero chance of being recognized in the electoral process. He simply doesn’t have enough money to be considered, let alone elected.

Just as a thought however; what common goals of the populace would Mr. Sanders strive to accomplish if chosen to be in charge of the presidency?

Would the general public be satisfied if a single-pay, Universal Health Care Plan (as enjoyed by all other industrialized free world countries) was enacted and supported? Bernie Sanders could make it happen, to the chagrin of bought and paid for politicians that oppose participation.
Would the general public be enthused if a full-scale plan to repair the crumbling infrastructure of the entire country was enacted, thereby creating a safe and modern physical environment, in addition to providing thousands of permanent well-paying jobs? Bernie Sanders would make it happen, but present representatives have never shown initiative to seriously address this critically important issue.

Would the general public feel safer if nuclear plant regulations were regularly updated and properly insured in anticipation of a possible catastrophe? At present a major nuclear accident similar to the 2011 disaster in Japan would be paid for by U.S. taxpayers, rather than be covered by free-enterprise investors. Bernie Sanders would attend to the potential problem that has been ignored to date.

Would the general public be interested in the concept of Campaign Financing Transparency? What is the downside of donor contribution disclosure, and why do politicians vehemently argue and insist on the secrecy of their supporters? Would an open, published breakdown of monetary donations not serve to expose potential political corruption, collusion and coercion? Bernie Sanders believes in transparency while his opponents differ, but what system seems best for the average American?

Would the general public appreciate a sensible, common-sense thought process regarding Climate Change? Should future generations be endangered by profit-based political attitudes that might prove to be disastrous? Should scientific fact not be recognized, rather than be dismissed by unfounded beliefs put forth by religion-influenced opponents? Science (not religion) has provided a powerful, once unimaginable society, filled with technology that grows daily, all due to scientific research and development. Based on this fact; how can any sound-minded politician or citizen ignore the presence of Climate Change if the science gives confirmation of the progression? Bernie Sanders unselfishly gets it, while purchased politicians oppose it….

Would the general public be exonerated if income inequality became a recognized political issue? Should 1% of the population own 99% of the money? Should minimum wage laws be amended to benefit the economy? Should billionaires like the Koch brothers and Tom Steyer be able to buy control of the “Greatest Country in the World? Bernie Sanders has answers to these questions.

Would a candidate like Bernie Sanders prove to be a president representing the people? No doubt….BUT…. be sure that any intention to run for office will be squashed without mercy by the establishment that controls government. Unfortunate????

More questions to come from

Curious Jack

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