Religious Freedom Laws

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Why does Religious Freedom need to be governed, rather than be freely practiced by those who believe in their faith? Why is the term Religious Freedom necessary when citizens have every right to pray or worship whenever and wherever they please? Why is there a need for a law to do so?? Does this method invite discrimination?

Here’s a Hypothetical — Let’s imagine two children, unbeknownst to each other, are born simultaneously on different continents. These children survive, evolve physically and mentally, and enjoy a healthy progress through what is thought of as normal stages of life in their geographical area.

These children, for examples sake; were scholastically educated on a somewhat similar path of development, had access to social issues that are both positive and negative in their life experience, and eventually entered adulthood.

Let’s assume they learned to respect family values; they had sensitivity regarding their elders; they yearned to learn; they recognized the value and results of hard work and perseverance; they married and reared children of their own; they strove to become solid citizens, and thus became valuable assets as community members.

Further; let’s assume that these now-adults, on different continents, experienced envious, Utopian lives. They prospered financially; they cared for their neighbors as well as their own; they became examples of how enjoyable an unselfish lifestyle can be in their local environment.

Let’s assume these two children, (now responsible, loving, dependable parents) did nothing wrong or disparaging in their entire existence on this earth. They might be heterosexual; they might be gay, might be white or of color, but essentially go about their lives crime-free, with respect for their peers.

What if these obviously good, kind people had never been taught or guided to believe in a God?? Never had occasion to read a religious book or be told of a heaven or hell? What if they didn’t recognize or worship Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, or any other religion?? What if, due to a lack of exposure or insistence; they were simply without need of a “faith”, and were enjoying their lives through their own natural kindness and respect for others??

Does the above-mentioned Hypothetical raise a question? In our world society, including the “Greatest Country in the World”; would these two people and their offspring be described as non-believers and thus ostracized in many venues? Would they be hated or ridiculed due to their lack of commitment to a higher power? Would Islamist radicals want to kill them? Would Evangelicals be disgusted that they were unaware of a religious requirement that they be judged by God? If so; why??

A bigger question might be as follows…. If these two people suddenly became aware of these world-wide and various religious beliefs; would they be curious as to what is all the fuss about????? Would they feel a need to adopt a new way of life, to seek the unknown, or would they continue to enjoy their comfortable presence, void of worship and immune to the conflicts historically spawned by religions throughout the world?? Given the opportunity; what would you do…..?


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