U.S. Gun Control (Or Lack Thereof)

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Anyone notice the recent news notes relating a couple of accidental shootings? A Tulsa, Oklahoma mother was shot and killed by her three year old son while she was changing his diaper. In Seattle; a three year old boy was shot in the mouth by a visiting four year old friend while they were playing in the bedroom. Was this just another day in the Greatest Country in the World? It seems to be quite normal; as nothing other than mass killings seem worthy of headline news.
On October 22 of this year; a Canadian Forces guard was murdered while on duty at a Capitol Building in in the city of Ottawa, the Capitol of Canada. This became the fourth (4th!!!) gun related death in a metropolitan area with a population of over 1,300,000, or 1.3 million.
Over 200 gun-related deaths occurred in Canada in 2013. Comparatively; statistics indicate that 11,467 gun-related deaths happened in the U.S.
How can this unbalanced ratio be possible? NRA officials vigorously insist that “Guns Don’t Kill People; People Kill people!” Their pundits claim that violence portrayed in movies and video games serves to incite participants, and fatal results are unrelated to “responsible gun owners”. Their main excuse ( Not Reason) for the volume of gun-related deaths is that the NRA has no control over mentally defective individuals, and that the Real problem in the country is not guns, but is in fact a neglect in attention to Mental Health Programs.
Those excuses (Not Reasons) may sound sensible to four million or so NRA Members, but is it total nonsense?? Canada borders the U.S. for 2,525 miles. – Canadians have access to and use ALL video games available in the U.S. – Canadians have access to ALL movies that are available for viewing in the U.S. – Canadians also have access to ALL Network and Cable TV programming available to the U.S. populace. – Canadians would also have to accept that they have the same ratio of crazy people as in the Greatest Country in the World.
So; by comparison; why don’t Canadians kill each other; intentionally, accidentally or otherwise??? Can it be that Canadians don’t have the same per capita volume of gun ownership? There are over 300 million guns active in the U.S. That number increases rapidly on a daily basis, and relates to almost 90 guns per 100 residents. Again by comparison; Canadian gun owners number less than 30 guns per resident.
Is it not obvious to ANYONE that these numbers indicate that if Canadians had more guns they would at the very least triple gun deaths in their country?? The Canadian and Provincial governments have instilled strict gun ownership that are acceptable to most residents, but that is not to say there are no dissenters. A small portion of the Canadian population revere beliefs similar to the NRA, but need to comply with the wishes of the Majority; not the Minority.
In a Great Country of more than 300 million people; should 5 Million NRA Members control U.S. Gun Control Policy? The obvious answer anywhere other than the U.S. would be a simple “Impossible!” Polls show that 90% of the U.S. population want extensive background checks and controlled gun sales, but U.S Congress refuses to bring a vote to the floor that would bring change to the present system.
Why? Can it be that Politicians literally do not care what their constituents want, or that they are fearful of repercussions from the Billionaires that put them into office? What other reasons CAN there be??
Is Gun Control Policy failure just another glaring example of the corruption that runs rampant in U.S. Government, further confirming that this is NOT the Greatest Country in the World..??
More questions to follow from….
Curious Jack

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