Baltimore – What Next??

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Baltimore, Maryland, a major U.S city is presently under siege due to racial unrest, but what or where is next in the Greatest Country in the World?? Will the poor eventually unite with the diminishing middle class and rebel against the rich and violently attack the establishment itself??

Right or wrong; black activists are unrelenting in describing police brutality with respect to “young black males”. Highly visible journalists such as Charles Blow, Van Jones, Marc Lamont-Hill and others choose to champion and glorify individual examples of “stereotyped bias”, and are outraged at the lack of respect afforded to these members of the populace, regardless of background.

Trayvon Martin was targeted and executed simply because he “chose to wear a hoodie”. Michael Brown was depicted as an innocent 18 year-old child that happened to be 6 foot 4 and weighed 300 lbs. Eric Garner was a totally harmless man who was murdered while resisting arrest. Freddy Gray, a formerly convicted drug user was victimized and died while in custody after running from police officers. Is it not apparent that all of these claims can be construed as truthful, depending on one’s preference of purpose? Is it unreasonable to accept that these deaths could be at least remotely related to racial discrimination?? So say the activists; these black lives matter and they represent their cause.

These high-profile cases have been the basis and focal point of subsequent protest marches by black communities across the nation, both peaceful and violent. —But – Will today’s episode in Baltimore be the catalyst that will erase any progress or recognition gained by prior demonstrations, and will it serve to ensure an additional 20 years of denied black progress? If the white establishment were searching for an excuse to absolve themselves of any public recognition of racial inequality; was this not the ideal scenario?? Do they not care or agree that the root cause of these conflicts is the lack of education and opportunity available to youths in black communities??

Why not face the truth? Instead of constantly accusing and ranting against the police; why have Black leaders not organized and led honest, meaningful marches against the individuals that are the sole reason for racial stereotyping?? Why not expose and describe their own male youth, their own criminal base that instill earned fear in the lives of both black and white hearts and minds. If Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton were truly concerned for their people rather than  their own pompous thirst for recognition; why would they not lead a mission to vilify this violent and deplorable segment of their society??

Why not face additional truth?? The accused police officers involved in these recent episodes do not represent law enforcement in its entirety across the nation. So why suggest that ALL police officers are guilty of unwarranted brutality? What if these same officers said – “If you don’t trust us; police yourselves!!” As an aside; is that overreaction out of the realm of possibility, and what would be the consequence? (Imagine NO police) Conversely; all black males are not looters and vandals like the groups destroying Baltimore tonight, and critics will use their actions to condemn all black citizens as a combined group. However —- Do other less isolated groups exist in American society??

What if human inequality continues its rapid growth, regardless of race, color or creed? Studies prove that 2% of the population have acquired 99% of the country’s wealth and this hoarding of wealth will continue to expand. What will happen when 98% of the people have nowhere to turn, have no hope of success, no access to education, a job, or a path to a decent life? This undefined group of over 300,000,000 members will have a number of common traits, one of which is that collectively they own over 300,000,000 GUNS, and another is that they will be desperate. Many are jobless, discouraged ex-military, with organizational skills. Many are well-educated but cannot support their families, let alone provide their children with a future. Will they unite and rebel?? Will they climb the fences and destroy the mansions?? Possible?? or Impossible?

At this time, and WITHOUT question,; this is a sad day in Baltimore… but frustration is prominent in many, many areas in the Greatest Country in the World.

More questions to come from …

Curious Jack

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