God, Guns and What??

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The title of Mike Huckabee’s book may sound cute to many of his followers, (God, Guns, Grits & Gravy) but is the reference something to be proud of ?? Jesus never saw a gun. He also never saw a paved road, an airplane, a train, a computer, a golf ball, a Super Bowl, a movie, a roller coaster, an oven mitt, a garden hose, or any of millions of other examples. Sooooo…How does God like guns?

Jesus was not a U.S. citizen in the past, nor is he now, but he is referred to in many phases of everyday life and is a prominent influence in present-day opinions. NRA members claim that gun ownership is a “God- given right” as stated in the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution, even though God is not mentioned in any part of the Constitution. Why are Guns and God connected in the minds of some people? Who dreamt up this association?

If Jesus was a U.S citizen today; what would he think of the present state of his country? Would he cast his vote in favor of the wealthy or the less privileged? Would he be appalled at the enormous wealth that has been enjoyed by leaders in what has become a religious, tax-free industry based on HIS teachings? Would he understand and accept the concept that some honest, loving human beings are attracted to members of the same sex? Would he be a Democrat or a Republican? If he chose a side and was allowed to be heard; would he be insulted that his opinions would be ridiculed by the opposing party, regardless of topic?

Would Jesus be chagrined that gun manufacturers produce and sell weapons that are designed solely to kill PEOPLE??? Would he agree with 90% of the population, and strive for strong, revised gun control policies? If he opposed the NRA ; would gun owners follow the word of their God or ignore him and insist on their right to bear arms?

These questions can only be presented hypothetically because Jesus is not a citizen, and his way of life is not remotely applicable to society today. Who knows what Jesus would do or say, or think if he lived today? Who would care? Would the entire populace idolize him? More likely; would most despise him for being a radical pacifist? The fact that religious belief is used selectively to refute or confirm individual agendas is dishonest at best. Why??? — Can we speak to Jesus? Can we speak to God? How can God’s thoughts be confirmed??

Does God have a voiced opinion with reference to gun ownership? Immigration Law? Racial Issues? Same-sex marriage? Foreign Policy? Speed limits? Building codes? Censorship? ANYTHING???? Would common sense, decency and a respect for your fellow man be a viable alternative to using religious belief as a foundation for our existence??
More question to follow from..

Curious Jack

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