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From a GOP perspective; it should be evident to all Americans that Barack Obama and his administration are incompetent in every single phase of leadership, both domestic and abroad. It is also claimed that simple, straightforward alternatives to present policies are readily available should Obama agree to allow Conservatives to deal with confrontational issues.

For example; Republicans will be dissatisfied with any peaceful agreement regarding an Iranian nuclear solution, so why would it not be appropriate for them to solve the conflict the GOP way??
John Boehner, Bob Corker and Tom Cotton could briefly meet with the Ayatollah, inform him that he is and always will be untrustworthy, and that he will either follow U.S. disarmament instructions, or there will be war. This approach will certainly be daring, but has history shown the Iranians to be both sensible and fearful? Would there be war?? Is peace a better solution??

The GOP has always described Obama as a weakling that has been intimidated by Vladimir Putin, and has not been “tough enough on him”. Why not give a couple of really tough guys like John McCain and Lindsay Graham a chance to deal with Putin directly? These fellas can read Putin his pedigree in no uncertain terms, and if he doesn’t like it – forget negotiations, get out of Crimea or there will be war. Can we just imagine how Putin will be cowering in the nearest corner? Or will there be war?

Instead of being restricted to talk radio criticism of all things involving the evil Democratic party, why not give Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin a chance to solve the problems in Syria and Iraq? Their broadcast messages insist that Obama should have foreseen the impending power of ISIS, and that he is unable to deal with the present situation. But – Just imagine these two in a conversation with Bashar al-Assad; brashly and confidently threatening him with the wrath of the GOP…… More war??

Aside from the sarcasm; why not face the never-ending, obvious truth that the GOP will oppose ANY proposal, on ANY issue approached by the Democratic administration. This combative reality has nothing to do with the well-being of the American populace; rather it is confirmation of the selfish, hateful division between two political parties. What part of UNITED is displayed in this example of the “Greatest Country in the World”??

In lieu of seeking a peaceful agreement with Iran; the GOP agree with Benjamin Netanyahu and insist that one, single alternative will suffice in permanently arresting a nuclear weapon development program. They claim that increased sanctions are the simple and ONLY solution to the imminent threat; the U.S. should lead an quest to strangle an already weak Iranian economy, and resulting poverty will eliminate Iran as an aggressive, dangerous factor in the Middle East.

Does this suggested resolution consider the CITIZENS of Iran? Have they not taken to the streets to express joy at a possible agreement that would change and improve their lives? How will heavier sanctions effect the 77,000,000 residents of Iran? Will they starve? Should they be voiceless victims of these political decisions? Who will take responsibility for their unavoidable suffering?

The GOP???

More questions to come from ….


Curious Jack


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