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Soooo….. Let’s try a quick overview of Jim Bob, Michelle Duggar and family; stars of the successful TV Reality show “19 Kids & Counting”. The Duggars apparently follow a Conservative Evangelical Protestant group called “Quiverfull”, a movement that declares an obedience to God, a denial of contraception use, and essentially encourages couples to have all the children they can. Quiverfull extends the belief that Man’s quiver is full, and should be used to be fruitful and multiply, as children are a gift from God.

Sooo…… Jim Bob has shown strong commitment in fulfilling his obligation, and Michele has also done a good job so far, bearing 19 children by the age of 48, with more to come. She also has 8 or 9 grandchildren, so her kids are good at making kids too. Successful farmers have historically used a similar concept in the breeding and development of commodity products like beef, pork, poultry and more, however this process is seldom recognized as a common trend in human development.

Buuut…. Sometimes kids mess up. Josh Duggar, the eldest child, was caught (at the age of 14, 15 or 16), sexually abusing 4 of his sisters and at least one other young girl. His parents decided not to make the information public, (nor did the local police), and elected to deal with Josh’s difficulties on their own, as a family, and as a result they miraculously became even closer to God. Certainly no mention of this crime was divulged prior to the inception of the TV show, and Josh became the poster boy of the devout family, the new face of faith and politics, and head of the Conservative Family Research Council. He became a leader in the fight against same-sex marriage and homosexuality in general. He and his family were applauded by GOP members, regularly meeting with and enjoying photo-ops with GOP Presidential candidates, including Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry and more. He was revered and referred to by Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly and Conservative Talk Radio hosts across the nation.

Buuut…. since this incestual hiccup, little commentary has been forthcoming from most candidates, other than Mike Huckabee who, along with his wife Janet has “affirmed his support for the Duggar family.” He blames the “bloodthirsty media” for revealing these “long ago sins” and is pleased that Judge Stacey Zimmerman (twice supported for committee positions¬† by former Governor Huckabee) has chosen to order the molestation information destroyed; not to protect Josh Duggar, but to insulate the innocent victims. Doesn’t Mike Huckabee have “President of the United States” written all over him?? Siding with Mr. Huckabee, and solidly in Josh’s corner is someone named Carrie Hurd, wife of Texas Pastor Patrick Hurd. Carrie feels that Josh was merely a (15 year-old) child “playing doctor” as all children do, and that the female victims, due to their participation should be held accountable as well. She states that this abuse is a positive entity, leads to God’s savior, and has “eternal consequences of great benefit and glory to God.” How did Mrs. Hurd figure this out?? How can she feel that these young girls are guilty of coercion and Josh is just acting out his childhood?

Soooo…. Will the Duggar debacle provide further indication that women have essentially been downgraded to minimal status or unimportant with regard to religion-based, male-dominated cultures? Does this suggestion lead to additional queries? Why, for example, are Muslim females required to be shrouded from head to foot, and dutifully accept this tradition? Why are male Mormons able to have multiple wives, but not extend the same status to a female counterpart? Why are Mennonite or Amish women not allowed to wear jewellery, makeup or bright-colored clothing? Why are there no female Catholic priests? Why is genital mutilation or honor killing acceptable in some religious faiths? Why are these questions not asked by any sensible individual with at least some common sense? Are these not legitimate thoughts that should be addressed by citizens residing in the Greatest Country in the World? Should God not just Bless the American men, but the women as well?

When the GOP candidates and supporters attempt to minimize and sweep the Duggar scandal under the political carpet, will the American public accept “trickery and deceit”, or rebel against the nonsensical reasoning that will spew forth, absolving an “immature child who made mistakes” in an early part of his life…. ??????

More questions to follow from..


Curious Jack



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