Must Money Always Win??

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The President of the United States; the Greatest Country in the World, earns a salary of $400,000. Many high-end real estate reps surpass this base income, but additional perks are substantial, and post presidency incomes are never-ending, similar to a U.S. Open or Masters winner. It’s certainly fair to state that this position is financially rewarding and somewhat lucrative. Sooooo…. the job is worth it…

A Congress Member earns $174,000 plus benefits; the House Speaker is paid $223,500 plus benefits; the Majority and Minority Leaders are remunerated at $193,400 plus benefits. Once again; these numbers are substantially better than the average income, and rightly so, as these are the people that are required to make laws that determine the success or failure of the country. BUT…… Many, many, many people have incomes that are far greater than these prestigious political positions, do they not? AND….. Political leaders are intelligent, aggressive individuals, more than capable of great achievements in the open market. So WHY are these positions so coveted that the 2016 election process indicates that 4-5 BILLION dollars will be spent with the goal of buying selected candidates into office?

Why does the American public accept the fact that billionaires openly influence and purchase the elected government? How can it be that voracious fund-raising results in spending donated monies to slander opposing candidates in an attempt to attain office?¬† Why does the competition consist of billionaires versus billionaires, all of whom have unlimited funds in their repertoire, similar to Monopoly money? Is it not obvious that this lavish support will result in owed favors to be collected by these donors? Is it not overly ridiculous that each and every one of those seeking office are proponents of putting a halt to “foolish spending by Government”? Why can’t the American populace have access to candidates that will represent the majority of citizens, rather than the wealthy minority??

The truth is…….They Can……….

Let’s do some math — Approximately 58% of eligible voters participated in the 2012 election, or a total of 126,000,000 adults. Statistics reveal that a portion of this voting tally consists of 492 billionaires, and a surprising total of 10,100,000 millionaires, making a sum total of 10,100,492 people that own (99)% of the wealth in the entire United States of America. — These facts mean that¬† 126,000,000 adult voters minus 10,100,492 RICH adult voters leaves a sum total of 115,899,508 adults (not including children) that own (1)% of the wealth in the United States of America. So what is the answer to how America can have access to candidates that will represent the majority rather than the wealthy?? VOTE!! Vote, and you will elect a candidate that suits the average citizen, because you outnumber the rich, many times over. Would this not be a non-partisan victory for the regular people of the U.S. of A? How do you spell landslide?? Who is in the driver’s seat here?

If you want to be represented fairly, and whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent; why not just go out and vote for Bernie Sanders? Why Bernie Sanders? — Even though he may not seem to have the monetary resources to withstand the inevitable attack against his principles; do these few simple reasons make any sense…..?

He wants to overturn Citizens United and prevent billionaire contributions to control elections.

He wants to recognize and deal with Climate Change, to ensure a safe environment.

He believes that Healthcare is a right, and that ALL Americans should have coverage.

He believes Government should work to eliminate poverty and grow the middle class rather than as now, cater to the wealthy.

He knows income inequality has a stranglehold on the majority, and must be dealt with. In essence; he wants to increase taxes on the rich, and do you think they can afford it?? He wants to decrease the tax burden on the diminishing middle class, and do you think they need it??

Does he not indicate he wants a Government representing the PEOPLE of the country? He’s 73 years of age; do you think he’s in the race to increase his savings account?? Does he stoop to criticize and seek to smear his opponents as his dissenters do? The people of the United States of America control their own destiny, because they have the voting ability to choose a President who openly defies the greedy billionaires. Why not Bernie Sanders? Why not let him strive to fairly lead ALL of the people — Including the rich, the less fortunate and the poor??


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