Are Political Lies Acceptable??

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Would it be fair to say that in most societies bare-faced lies would be unacceptable, and the individual stating an untruth would be challenged by his or her peers? Would someone that openly lied about another person, an incident, an accomplishment, a crime or in any way completely distorted the facts relating to any topic not be ostracized and disrespected? Would being known as a pathological liar not be one of the least enviable descriptions of one’s persona? Would most people not be totally embarrassed if caught voicing or stating a lie?

Politicians are obviously not “most people”…. Let’s take an easy example; Texas’ very own Ted Cruz. Yesterday he spoke before the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Washington, and amidst his normal vile criticisms of the President; he elected to announce the Obama was the root cause of U.S. racial difficulties, and that Obama purposely created the present divide. When asked what Obama had done to incite the problem; Cruz chose to ignore the question and repeat his absurd, inane statements. When asked what he would do differently to resolve current issues if he were elected as President; he again ignored the query and continued his attack on the President. Maybe he should have blamed the earthquake in Nepal on Obama? Maybe the drought in California? Hurricane Sandy? Katrina? (Isn’t it unfortunate that some votersĀ  would actually believe Ted Cruz if he did blame Obama??)

Could this situation occur and be acceptable in normal, everyday life? Could you tell your boss, your wife or husband, your friends, your children, business associates, your co-workers a lie and not be forced to substantiate your words? Could you “stretch the truth” to your bank, a judge, a police officer, your accountant, or others? If you chose to commit these faults; would you not suffer consequences?

Does Ted Cruz feel he is immune to a public yearning for honesty from him and others running for office? Why do he and his opponents, both Republican and Democrat, base their positions on the vilification of each another, and openly spew out lie after insulting lie in the confidence that it will suggest party loyalty? Is this common procedure not hypocritical to the Nth degree when the majority of the candidates reflect a faith-based enthusiasm?

Let’s stay with Ted Cruz, though he’s far from alone as a source of available material. A devout Christian; he defends his faith by viewing the entire Democratic Party as “Intolerant to all Christians.” He states there is a “Liberal Fascism that is dedicated to attacking believing Christians who follow the biblical teaching on marriage.” When asked for factual evidence of these unfounded claims; he increases the accusations rather than deal with the lies and exaggerations contained in his eloquent, contrived delivery. A naive, undiscerning, blind faith audience is the prime target of Ted Cruz, and it seems revolting somehow that these tactics will gain him followers that are willing to accept his words in spite of his distortions.

But doesn’t the 10th Commandment mean anything to Ted Cruz?? “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” This description includes the notion that God dislikes haughty eyes, a lying tongue, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers….. Aren’t the faithful inclined to “Love your neighbor as yourself?” Isn’t a lying witness described as a deceitful man who mocks at justice, and is like a war club, a sword, or a sharp arrow?”

Does Ted Cruz practice what he preaches? Does he use his faith-enforced lies to please his party base or is he simply unable to conceal his hatred of Obama and must choose to slander him, no matter how absurd the allegations. Should Ted Cruz not be concerned that his God, by His own scripture, will be very angry with Ted Cruz when he lies, and will most certainly punish him for defiantly and publicly doing so??

More questions to follow from ……..


Curious Jack

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