Dylann Roof / Race / Religion… Flag??

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Dylann Roof. —— A white 21 year-old man named Dylann Roof entered a church in South Carolina last Wednesday; murdered 9 black parishioners, and the incident is now the focus of multiple aspects of American life in general. Was this a Racial attack? Was this a Political or Religious attack? Was he coerced and if so; what or who influenced him? Was this act a result of many years of inherited southern culture? Was it all of the above and more???

Did the answer not seem Racial when the assailant admitted he wanted to kill Black people because they “were taking over the country”, and it was up to him to take action? Did the answer not seem Political or Religious when numerous faith-based politicians openly claimed that there was not enough available information about the incident to form an opinion? Was the answer possibly available to researchers by examining Roof’s connection to White Supremacist Groups, a number of whom have been contributors to Republican Presidential candidates? Is the answer the most obvious; that quite possibly Dylann Roof is an example of the hatred that still exists and festers in the deep south of the so-called “Greatest Country in the World”???

Is everything political in the U.S.?? Immediately following the heinous crime Liberal Democrats seized the opportunity to once again call for more stringent gun control, cite radical racism and recognize the perpetrator’s allegiance to the Confederate Flag flying over the State Capitol Building. Nikki Haley; the Republican Governor of South Carolina reacted quickly and called for the removal of the symbolic flag. Just as quickly, and when questioned, numerous GOP Presidential candidates removed themselves from the conversation, suggesting the decision should be made by the State of South Carolina alone and did not want to select a side in a debate. (To do otherwise might well have annoyed key members of the GOP base)

Buuuut —- Luckily; candidate Mike Huckabee solved the issue once and for all…. The day after Governor Haley called for the flag removal; Huckabee dismissed the process as irrelevant. He confirmed that South Carolina has a “female Governor who is of Indian descent, and the ONLY elected African-American U.S. Senator in the South from a state of 4.8 million people who are mostly white”, and stated “That’s Not Racism!” Further, and more powerfully; he denounced the need for more conversations about race, and instead encouraged the solution of conversions to belief and dependance on GOD. He says that he loves God; he knows that God created other people regardless of their color, and he doesn’t have a problem about racism. He feels strongly that the race issue is SOLVED, and is not noteworthy….. REALLY?? This from a Presidential candidate?? HELLO????

As an aside; this past Saturday; a 20 year-old man was killed and 9 others were wounded when a gunman opened fire at a family block party that included small children in Detroit, Michigan. The victims ranged in age from 21 to 46; three were women, one remains in critical condition, and all involved were black. Assistant Police Chief Steve Dolunt said that “Through the grace of God, no children were shot”. What would Mike Huckabee add to this comment? What would Mike say about God’s reason for allowing the 20-year-old to die? What would Mike say about God enabling the wounded to survive? Would he make up appropriate answers on the fly? Would the answers be as as nonsensical as his suggestion that Race is Not an Issue in America?

Seriously; should Church and State not be separate in matters of Government? Will prayer prove to be effective in dealings with the Middle East?? In improving the economy? In dealing with climate change? In making education affordable? In providing all Americans an equal opportunity at a decent existence? What real, live, honest direct effect will worship have in any phase of American life? In manufacture? In research? In entertainment? In environment? In infrastructure? In health care? etc. etc. etc. etc….?? Why not accept that God is Not mentioned in the Constitution? That God is Not mentioned in the untruthful claim of a “God Given Right” to bear arms in the 2nd amendment? If it’s real, why can’t faith be a personal and PRIVATE entity, a solace depended upon by the individual but not a factor in swaying the thoughts or opinions of Presidential Candidates??

Will Dylann Roof prove to be a catalyst prompting future racial and religious discussions?


More questions to come from…


Curious Jack


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