Racism – No Problem??

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Further to yesterday’s article regarding Dylann Roof, Politics and Religion; it’s interesting to see and read additional commentary downplaying the incident. According to Fox News and contributors like the renowned Charles Krauthammer; Roof was not influenced at all by the presence or significance of the  Confederate flag. His opinion is that the furor over whether to remove the flag or not is irrelevant and is topical only because of typical Liberal ranting, leading to attempts to revisit gun control agendas and more.

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum views the murders of the 9 Black parishioners as an attack by “anti-religious sentiment in this country,” and in particular, an “attack on Christianity”…. not on Blacks. Santorum and others have found an ability to ignore the facts laid out in Roof’s manifesto in which he cites reasons for his actions. The Atlantic posted an article titled “Why a BLACK Church?” as if it might well have occurred in another church. Isn’t it a stretch of reality that many Conservatives are comparing the crime to the “Nazi hatred of Christianity”? Roof simply states that he has hatred for and wants to kill Blacks. He does not mention God, Church or Religion, only his proud focus on his mission to “save his country.” What if Roof confirms his intentions when questioned by law enforcement officials, and his confession excludes an association with religion?? How will Santorum and like-minded religious leaders spin the information away from what is obviously a Race-based Hate crime against Blacks? Why is the truth so difficult to swallow, that this and many other social issues do not relate to politics or faith? Why is there an inherent need to pick sides, to blindly insist on following a beaten path rather than forming a thoughtful opinion that may well or could contradict a party or religious belief?

Is it fear? Do politicians have a constant fear of contradicting the foundation of their base? Are they afraid to express true, personal ideas or thoughts because of possible criticism from opponents? Why do they ALL assume the same side of a discussion and NEVER waiver from the initial presentation, regardless of additional pertinent information? Does this purposeful unbending pattern relate to anything else in human life?

Or; is it also apparent in religious belief? Is fear a factor in completely avoiding any suggestion that a God may not exist, and is not a part of physical happenings all over the planet.?? Why are political leaders so frantic in their individual efforts to expose what is described as an attempt to destroy Christianity and retain Religious Freedom, and compete to be on the cutting edge of this protection of their faith? When queried about who or what group is specifically endangering this cause; why is there never an answer to the direct question? Is it Democrats? No; as more than 85% of Democratic leaders are Christian, and when has any Democratic leader publicly denounced Christianity? Is Hillary Clinton guilty? No. Bernie Sanders? No. John Kerry? No. Barack Obama? No. Who then?? Has the Media attacked Religious Freedom?  CNN? No. MSNBC? No. USA Today? No. The Wall Street Journal? No. Any news carrier, TV or radio station, newspaper, tabloid, etc.? No. So who are the culprits? Hear any sports figures deny God? No; in fact they thank God when they hit a home run, score a goal, make a tackle, win a fight or a game. Any movie stars? No. Is someone making this up, or is it possible that Bill Maher is the sole reason for all this fuss about freedom?

Roof and many, many others of his kind hate Blacks, plain and simple, and the hate is a real, living, accepted and ingrained entity.  Is it not absolutely wrong to ignore this fact and attempt to turn the issue into a debate regarding religion and politics? Why not face the truth and accept that some U.S. families, communities and geographical areas have produced generations of hatred toward Blacks and will proudly continue to do so, regardless of sensibility? As long as prominent public figures incessantly promote their own agendas, no matter what common sense suggests; failure will prevail. Is the reality of Racism political? Is Health Care? Is Climate Change? Is Poverty? Is Immigration? Is Gun Control? Is Religion? Is The Media? Sadly; it is, and in this DIVIDED, so-called “Greatest Country in the World” what is positive about the DIVIDED solutions regarding the future?


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