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Byron York is a conservative columnist for the Washington Examiner, an author, a Fox News contributor, who recently shocked the GOP Base with the following comments…. Mr. York stated; “He Won on Obamacare. He Won on Gay Marriage. He Won on Trade. His party was even able to leverage a horrendous crime – the killing in Charleston – to put Republicans on the defensive over the Confederate Flag.” — “He” of course, is Barack Obama, and what could be a more disgusting reality to deal with in these troubled times of the Republican Party?? “He” again aggravates the Right by making nice with Cuba. “He” drives them insane by persisting in his quest to arrive at a nuclear agreement with Iran. They detest the idea that “He” is destined to leave a legacy of changes during his time in office that, in spite of constant opposition efforts, will prove to have resounding, positive effects regarding America’s future.

Buuut… Do Republicans really need to feel they are being ostracized and misunderstood by the voting public? Why must they feel these social and political decisions are Losses, when the outcomes are based on the opinions of the majority of the population? (Today’s population…. not in yesteryear…) Why do present-day leaders conveniently refer to opinions or positions that may have been relevant 100, 200, 300 or 2000 years ago? Why do they ignore the consensus of the citizenry that realizes societal change has occurred, and will continue to do so? Why do they assert that Americans do not want health care for ALL, just as it is in each and every¬† other country in the free world? — How can they continue to prey on an uneducated, blind group of followers, convincing them that it is advantageous for them to have a CHOICE in whether they should have health insurance? (or not) — How can they dwell on archaic stances regarding abortion and gay rights, ignoring the wishes of free-thinking modern citizens and instead depending on various “laws?” that were written in a book 2000 years ago?

Are Republicans not at odds with the majority in all phases of American existence? They criticize the administration’s request to deal with Immigration policies, but avoid all responsibility in attending to solutions. They protest that Religious Freedom is being “attacked” from all sides, but are unable to pinpoint exactly who is doing the attacking. Most Americans are in favor of Gay marriage, but the Religious Right are in denial, basing thoughts and opinions on the Bible rather than modern-day reality. Most Americans want Congress to address income inequality, but the Right will not engage any conversation that will remotely irritate the rich. Most Americans are in favor of increasing the minimum wage, while most Republicans ignore discussions that will improve the degraded lifestyle of the poor. An overwhelming number of Americans want background checks and and tighter gun control, but Congress won’t entertain bringing a bill to the floor, fearing the wrath of the NRA. Even more Americans are opposed to another war of any kind, yet GOP leaders imply that military force is a better alternative to continuing peace talks. Americans recognize that a full-scale program is imperative in rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure of the country, but Republicans prefer to defer the problem, knowing that increased taxes would be a major part of the endeavor.

And now — The Ultimate Trump card is being played — The Donald. The next Republican force on the horizon is front and center, and the GOP has to get on the defensive about him, not with him. Trump has solutions?? How about these — Forget partisan conversation; BOMB the Iranian oilfields. Build a fence across the border and MAKE the Mexicans PAY for it. Kick the WEAK Republicans out of office; they’re useless. Obama’s a traitor.¬† I’m RICH. I can solve ALL of America’s problems. Does he remind us of Muhammad Ali? Hulk Hogan? P.T. Barnum? The Court Jester? Is there no shame in the misnamed “Greatest Country in the World’??


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