Presidential.. Who is Worthy of the Description??

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Republican Party contrasts were in full view during Don Lemon’s CNN segment on Monday July 27th. The most interesting divide was between Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes, the News Director for the Tea Party News Network, and Kevin Madden, a Conservative political commentator and analyst. During a long exchange, a frantic Hughes expressed her enthusiastic support of Donald Trump’s realism and his non-political approach to his presidential campaign. In rebuttal; Madden suggested that Trump would be unable to  implement his wild claims of future successes because the system requires knowledge of the  political process. Undaunted; Hughes then pointed out that Trump would “save us from an administration that has taken advantage of us for the last eight years” and that similar to Trump; Obama had been elected not because of his resume, but “how he was with the people.” Kevin Madden then played HIS Trump card and triumphantly asked, not once but four(4)times — And how did he work out as a President??

Madden certainly had a reason for asking the question, but what was the foundation of the confidence shown in expectation of a negative answer? Was  Republican President George W. Bush not in control of the U.S. economy from 2001 until 2009? At the time Barack Obama took office was the country not in a Great Depression, with job losses of 800,000 per month? Since the inception of his first term and during subsequent re-election years, Obama’s administration has seen the creation of over 6,800,000 jobs. He has been responsible in implementing an inclusive and reformed health care process. He successfully imposed a stimulus bill that energized and enriched the country at a desperate, critical time. He invested in and saved the American auto industry, fulfilling his promise to save and create jobs, demanding more fuel-efficient and less-pollutant vehicles, thereby increasing global trade. He regulated Big Bank procedures, placing responsibilities that will monitor corruption and possible failure. He removed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” He inherited a Dow Jones Industrial Index of less than $8000 in 2009, and has led an economy that resulted in an index of over $16000 during his term. He inherited and then terminated the war in Iraq amidst criticism from the party that was in power and responsible for the conflict from its inception. He has become an advocate of Gay marriage; accepting the will of the majority that are in favor of this example of American societal change. He has also been determined in his effort to confront the need to address Immigration Reform, Gun Control, Climate Change and numerous other topics that have been buried in denial by a do-nothing Congress.

Kevin Madden is of the opinion that Obama has not performed well in his Presidency, and is also one of the biased multitude of Republicans that have provided resistance in every aspect of their own country’s elected leadership process. Any and all accomplishments that have occurred under Obama’s administration have been subject to consistent and unbridled condemnation, regardless of the country’s needs or wishes. Is this the way the “Greatest Country in the World” should conduct itself, or is it really not so “Great”??

The GOP and the Tea Party would have us believe that Obama was personally responsible for the BP Oil Spill, the Obamacare Computer Failure, the IRS Scandal, Benghazi, ISIS, the imaginary “War on Christianity”, the imaginary “Ebola Crisis” etc, etc, etc. Is it noteworthy that virtually all of the Anti-Obama, Anti-liberal Anti- Administration proponents have essentially the same demeanor; a loud excited, frantic and aggressive manner?? When interviewed; do they not seem under pressure, eager to attack, unable to listen without rudely interrupting a contrary comment?

Donald Trump is at present the leading presidential candidate for the Republican Party, and is he not a prime example of a pompous, narcissistic, boastful, name-calling bully that has instilled absolute fear into the balance of GOP candidates?? Trump as POTUS??  If he were elected; how long will it take for him to declare war with anyone or any country that disagrees with him? How about an over/under of 25 minutes? Is it not clear that the single, most obvious reason that America is not presently in the Middle East, engaged in a war that can’t be won, is Barack Obama? When opponents are enraged and threaten to be forceful; he remains calm and can be depended upon to be thorough in his thought process. GOP candidates would prosper by even attempting to emulate Obama, if only for the reason that he is Presidential, and they are not. They demand recognition, strive for attention and yearn for respect, but do any express the confidence and resolve of this President Obama??


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