Can America Handle the Whole Truth??

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It seems sensible that Hillary Clinton should provide any missing and pertinent Email information, but apparently that’s too difficult. She also should come to terms with all questions regarding the Benghazi attack, but this also appears to be an evasive process. Both these issues are in dispute; weakly defended by the Left, and hotly pursued by the Right.

Members of the Black community claim they are victims of brutality, killing and racial bias by the police, and join together in asserting that “Black Lives Matter.” However; members of the Black community also seem to be under the assumption that it is perfectly okay and defend the right to resist arrest or disobey the orders of these same police officers. They march in protest of their treatment, and the media is eager to provide a platform in voicing individual examples of the murders of  innocent black men by the police. Again however; they conspicuously do NOT march in protest against their own community members that are guilty of Black-on-Black crimes and the resulting deaths that far, far, far outnumber police incidents. Once again; opinions in dispute and clearly unsolvable.

These are only two examples of the endless differences that exist in the so-called “Greatest Country in the World”, but let’s recognize a few of the others; the large majority of which are mired in political hatred. In no particular order we could discuss Immigration Reform, Amnesty Issues, the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement, the Iran Deal or No Deal, Terrorism, Homeland Security, ISIS, Racial Divide, Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Abortion, Planned Parenthood, Fetus Harvesting, Stem Cell Research, Christianity Under Attack,  Duggar Sexual Abuse, The Viability (or lack of) of Donald Trump, Health Care, Obamacare, Tax Reform, Welfare, Jobs, The Economy, Infrastructure, The National Debt, The Fiscal Cliff, Minimum Wage, Income Inequality, Unemployment, Gun Control, Mass Shootings, Gay Marriage, Gay Adoption, Gays in the Military, Military Spending, WARS – Both past and future, Legal and Illegal Marijuana, Sex Education, Common Core, Fracking, Clean Energy, Climate Change, Gasoline Prices, Solar Power, Wind Power, Media Power, Student Loans, Background Checks, Prison Reform, Guantanamo Bay, Capital Punishment, Drones, God, Creationism, Atheism, Evolution, Church and State, Media Bias, Media Influence, The 1%, The Shrinking Middle Class, etc, etc, etc, etc., and Democrats and Republicans disagree on EACH and EVERY one of these concerns. Seriously; what is so “Great” about all this unrest and hatred, when the only future certainty is more of the same???

The common denominator in virtually all of these topics is that there is a conflict or difference of opinion regarding each issue, and each side vehemently defends their righteous position. Another constant is that when supporters of a subject present their case; entire facts are not a requirement and the absolute or open truth is not only absent but is seemingly forbidden. President Obama recently agreed to release 45 inmates who were serving long prison terms, but had been found guilty of non-violent crimes. One of these individuals is named Marlon McNealy, and he has been incarcerated for 22 years as a result of his involvement in illegal drug activity. Mr. McNealy is certainly not an innocent victim of the legal system, but has been deemed to have paid his dues and this release will provide him the opportunity to live a respectful life in the public domain.

Bill O’Reilly of Fox News fame sees the release differently. Last week he showed his disgust at this ill-chosen release, and submitted his profile of McNealy to back up his opinion. He stated that McNealy OVERSAW a huge crack operation in Florida that harmed millions of people, adding that McNealy’s grandfather had died in prison after formerly leading the business. He also pointed out that his grandfather’s successor was serving a life term as well, as if these were facts that should effect McNealy. He referred to McNealy as a “Drug Kingpin” who most certainly could not be non-violent because “It’s well-known that these people get involved in turf wars to protect their territories”. O’Reilly further attacked Obama; saying he should be truthful by admitting “These are terrible, evil people who the President is trying to engender sympathy for.”

Please note that Mr. O’Reilly not so subtly included the remaining 44 inmates in his presentation, because that suits his overall purpose and provides foundation for my criticism of O’Reilly and all other haters like him that represent both political sides. Summing up; he spent an entire segment ranting about someone who was an abomination, and NOT ONCE did he mention that in 1993, at the time of his arrest, that McNealy was 20 Years Of Age…….At that time was he a Kingpin? A Leader? Unlikely. A Kid on a path to destruction? Definitely. But — Does O’Reilly know or care or is his focus to twist the facts to suit his audience?? Is 22 years a sufficient sentence in this instance? Should a man rot in prison for crimes that he was responsible for when very young or is it reasonable to liberate him at the age of 42 ?? Does Bill O’Reilly care about the whole truth or the purposeful misleading presentation of HIS truth????????


More questions to follow from…


Curious Jack


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  • Regardless of its problems (many you mentioned are the same problems other nations have), the U.S. is still the greatest country on earth. You are pointing out issues that, again, all nations struggle with, not just the U.S. As far as human rights, no one can top America. Of course we have problems, big problems, but dissing the nation and putting it down is part of the problem. You should not be promoting and/or defending why YOU think America is not great. It is actually doing more harm than good.

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