A Quest for Peace = WEAKNESS???

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Caught up with the one and only Bill O’Reilly the other night, and he is still very, very unhappy with Barack Obama and any of the President’s supporters. O’Reilly provides what he describes as “Straight Talk”, and delivers his commentary in a trite, seemingly simple manner that is consistent in an overall criticism of the elected leader of his country. Most often the essence of his voiced displeasure is the ongoing description of Obama as being undeniably weak, and for various additional reasons; the worst president in the history of the United States. In fact; he doesn’t have much good to say about the President at all, but does focus a lot on what amounts to the cowardice displayed by Obama and other members of the administration.

O’Reilly intimates that in engaging with representatives of other countries the entire “negotiation process” is nonsense, and that the U.S. should simply demand that their wishes be followed or suffer the consequences. These “consequences” are not described in detail, but the implied thought is “Don’t mess with the most powerful nation in the world, or we’ll go to war”. O’Reilly is not alone in promoting this theme of threatened warfare; he has many cohorts that are more than willing to “pull the trigger” so to speak, and admonish the liberal left for thinking otherwise. War is a definite solution to these political commentators and GOP party leaders, even though many are of an age relating to Viet Nam as an example. Over 2,000,000 Americans served in Viet Nam and over 500,000 were involved in combat. Over 47,000 were killed during this time, and there were an additional 10,000 non-combat deaths. Over 153,000 were wounded, along with 10,000 amputees. An additional 2,400 became prisoners of war or were reported missing in action.

Bill O’Reilly graduated from High school in 1967, and continued his education and career path while over 10,000 soldiers had already lost their lives in Viet Nam. Many of these enlistees were younger than a fully healthy O’Reilly; who was never drafted, but also never enlisted, volunteered or served. Today however; he insists that war is inevitable in the quest to protect the country in this time of need, and is more than willing to risk young American lives to oppress the wicked. One does wonder that if he were eligible; would he join the fight this time or choose to stay safely at home and acquire those Masters degrees he enjoys boasting about?? Alsooooo … What about a few of his compatriots; those sneering power players that openly flex their muscles on talk radio and Fox News?? Mark Levin (strong accent on the VIN) is more than willing to criticize the “Insipid Left” who just do not get the idea that “Boots on the Ground” are necessary in defeating ISIS, and we should physically wipe them out….. Buuuuut… Did Mark Levin serve in the military at any time? How would he have a valid understanding of the repercussions of war?? Sean Hannity is a no-nonsense proponent of doing what is necessary in defending the country and unlike Obama is a proponent of using force rather than tact to ensure eventual peace….. Buuuuut… When and where did Sean Hannity see any action or combat that would qualify him to provide a close-up and real opinion that could relate to war??? OK, OK; let’s go big and involve the King of resolve and sensibility; Rush Limbaugh. His name alone demands respect from conservative listeners across the nation and we know one thing for certain; he will fully support any idea that can indicate America is being mislead by a faint-hearted, timid Obama, and that assuredly includes military engagement… Whoooops… Another newsflash – Apparently Rush Limbaugh didn’t serve either, but it wasn’t his fault, as he was unable to enlist because he had what is termed a “Pilonidal Cyst” on his ASS…. Whoahhhhh –…Is there a strange coincidence here, or a yellow streak trend????

These are O’Reilly’s companions, but they are truly lightweights compared to his personal hero and choice as the Republican candidate that he hopes will somehow win the Presidency; his very own Donald Trump. War is incidental to Trump; a mere blip on the horizon in “Making America Great Again”. The Middle East?? Negotiate? Nope — He’ll simply “Bomb the Oilfields..”, no problem. ISIS?? Syria?? Iran?? Iraq?? We’ll just eliminate them all; no issues, piece of cake. Confidently he exudes his inner strength and swagger but reminds us that he is not only brute force, acknowledging that people still love him and that they also respect that he is a “very intelligent person” as he often states. As Commander-in Chief; he can pretty much guarantee that the U. S. will relish the opportunity to create a bloodbath, anywhere, anytime…. Ohhhhhh Noooo… Not again?? The Donald also didn’t serve the country he loves?? What?? He claimed five (5) deferments so that he didn’t have to join the military?? One because of a bad foot??¬† He didn’t know which foot?? Is he merely a carnival snake oil salesman??

Incredible and somewhat disappointing facts, but these haters still rant about war and are fully unaware¬† that the whole world is a tuxedo, and they all wear brown shoes. War is Hell is a true statement; it’s a crime in itself, and shouldn’t it be avoided if at all possible…??


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