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The protest march in Ferguson; commemorating the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death  did not go well, resulting in gunfire and the wounding of three individuals. The growing “Black Lives Matter” mantra obviously serves to encourage the protestation of police brutality, the profiling of young black men, the ensuing biased racial treatment and the too-often resulting demise of unarmed black citizens. It should be noted that past gatherings have included a demand for housing improvements and more job opportunities that will hopefully improve the lives of underprivileged black community members. This communication divide should be dealt with sooner than later, but How…???

Close-to-accurate studies indicate that between 1999 and 2014; 68 unarmed blacks were killed by law enforcement and the majority of the officers involved were not held accountable for varying reasons. These statistics show a disturbing phenomenon that certainly can’t be ignored; and should be respected as a legitimate trend that should certainly not go unnoticed by anyone. The “Black Lives Matter” movement has gained strong traction across the nation, and many supporters of the catchphrase have even decided to appear at political rallies with the intention of enjoying organized crowd access.

There have been guesstimates that nearly 11,000 Black on Black deaths occurred between the time Trayvon Martin was killed and his shooter, George Zimmerman was acquitted; a total of 503 days. Even assuming this figure was exaggerated; a total in excess of 6000 might seem reasonable, and does this not represent a disturbing comparison in the overview of the enormity of these numbers of violent black deaths?? Why does the core group of “Black Lives Matter” not organize and march in a concerted protest against the criminal element in their own black communities that commit these murders?? Is the suggestion that this problem is restricted to unfair police practices; that killing their own is not worth mass concern and is exempt from criticism?? Is this racism??

Are public black leaders, politicians and commentators faithful to what is a one-sided description of racial divide and therefore creators of dialogue that inflames the populace in general??? The usual suspects can always be depended upon to voice outrage due to the mistreatment of innocent black victims of the “system”, represented by notables like NAACP President Cornell William Brooks, Charles Blow, Sunny Hostin, Van Jones, L.Z. Granderson, Marc Lamont Hill and more. Is it a fact that not one of these so-called societal experts ever takes issue and denounces the crime-based, gang-related portion of black culture? Instead; they present the ongoing reason for these unlawful acts as the need for jobs and housing, and the rhetorical claim that providing these solutions will solve these inherent problems.

So; let’s go back to How…? An influx of affordable housing would be a bonus in any neighborhood across the nation; an abundance of good-paying jobs would definitely be of benefit, and available education programs would be great as well. Buuuut– Who is going to GIVE these opportunities to them and why? Is it to be the White Community and why?? Would it be because of protests?? Would a real estate investor feel that an organized marching group is an impetus to build a profitable complex in a volatile area?? Who would provide the insurance coverage? Would there be vandalism, graffiti, constant maintenance etc.? Respectfully; are these not just a few examples of reality, and proof that gifts are not made available by people who have their own agendas to deal with??

Bernie Sanders will not gain the Presidency, but his campaign strategy stands alone in an attempt to assist the middle class and the black community on a mission of selfless endeavor. Sanders organized a Social Security rally in Seattle on Saturday, and somehow it made sense for Marissa Janae Johnson and Mara Jacqeline Willford; the co-founders of the Seattle “Black Lives Matter” chapter, to interrupt the meeting, take over the venue, spew hate-filled vitriol, and cause cancellation of the event entirely. The  question arises again — Is this behavior based upon Racism?? Whatever it is; there appears to be an indication that this aggressive approach will not be of merit, and further unrest is imminent.

A note to the aforementioned leaders and commentators — Why not accept that there is literally no upside to constant police-bashing tactics and concentrate your efforts in a legitimate, honest manner that may, just may, be of benefit in improving black lives. Why not get Angry at the criminal element that kill each other every day and become an embarrassment to any cause??  Why not admit and confess to the nation that today’s young black male is far, far more likely to be killed by one of his own than a white police officer?? Is this an undeniable fact?? Do the numbers lie??


More questions to follow from….


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