Politics or Humanity – What’s More Important??

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Is the Media-Driven, pre-election process not a phenomenon within itself? The constant commentary, (biased or disguised as not) serves to stir the political pot with a seemingly endless supply of opinion, and quite often from the same “expert” sources. An overview of the coverage would reveal that “Winning” is the most-oft used term in describing the purpose of the quest for Political Supremacy. Another common phrase that has become an accepted explanation of many concerns is “Well; that’s politics!”, a rhetoric that is seemingly understood by the core insider group of critics but seldom explained. The future of the country appears to be dependent upon the results of a crafty, spiteful game played by adults, and monitored by a Media that, as an example, expresses total surprise that Donald Trump is seen as number one in most polls. This from a Media that concentrates on little else but Trump for fear of ratings loss, and thereby invite him or accept his requests for free interview exposure. Is it any wonder that an uninformed public is unaware of Bobby Jindal, George Pataki or many of the additional GOP candidates?? Where else but the Media do potential voters receive their information?? Can it be that they form opinions that may very well be based on untrue or unfounded statements presented by Trump and the Media??

“Winning” is the ultimate goal of all aspiring candidates, and it is recognized that the power associated with possible victory is singular in nature; one party must assume dominance over the opposition. There are no rules; invented accusations, lies, innuendos, scandals; anything goes in this epic confrontation of political adversaries……. Buuuuut…. What about the People; the Human Beings; the Citizens (black, white or otherwise)?? Donald Trump is front and center on a daily basis; providing simple, easy immigration solutions, one of which includes the deportation of 11,000,000 undocumented individuals now within the US borders. His personal reckless estimate suggests there may be as many as 34,000,000 illegals. This number includes adults that have resided in the country all of their lives; people that went to school, became educated, worked, paid taxes, gained friends, developed families and essentially contributed to American society. They were hired by both small and large business owners that were fully aware of their status and were allowed to become aspiring citizens of the US. Now Trump’s mandate involves sending entire families to their country of origin, exposing them to a homeless atmosphere and the inevitable personal disasters that will ensue. He is more than willing to banish innocent people; women, children and babies in a display of strength unsurpassed in American history. This mass deportation idea is casually discussed by politicians and commentators on all Media outlets on a full daily basis, but the focus is directed toward Donald Trump’s “appeal to the angry public” rather than a critical assessment of the absurdity of this nonsensical and barbaric resolution.

Many of these same personalities are pro-life; appalled by the abortion process, but seem unaffected by the cruelty and pain that will be endured by living, breathing people during a transition of this magnitude. In addition; most would be outraged if a similar act involving animals or pets were to be introduced, and history has proven that protesters would be joined to forcefully protect the innocent victims. Seriously; would a decent person knowingly endanger a defenseless dog, cat, or other animal by exposing it to an unknown environment?? Conversely; is it conceivable that an individual like Donald Trump; a rich, narcissistic braggart who was reared in a privileged environment cannot fathom decency and is unable to realize or care what will happen to these people?? He was born into wealth, never experienced the need for a student loan but still went to the best schools, and purposely avoided serving in the military that he is more than willing to send into harm’s way today. He began his financial career with a $400,000,000 boost from his Daddy, and aside from a few bankruptcies along the way, somehow built a financial empire that he never allows to go unrecognized. The Media Networks are absolute in their refusal to expose Trump for what he potentially means to the citizenry, because he in truth is the Golden Goose of Media ratings and is to be nurtured at all costs. When he is shown to be a fraud, the source of continual nonsense and bluster will need to be replaced, and where can a capable replacement be found?? Jerry Springer?? Maury Povich?? A new Morton Downey Jr??


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Curious Jack

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