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In all seriousness; is there a secret schedule that has been created to prove once and for all that the USA is not the Greatest Country in the World?? Seemingly endless Media-driven topics, not the least of which is the Donald Trump debacle, serve to constantly expose the demeaning underbelly of an aimless and divided nation. Power and slander, as well as ratings and profits, are as always the root cause of the steady diet of kindled hatred that dominates the American Media perception of news presentation. Buuuuutt… Does the Media report the news or create the news???

Please Note — Before going further; it is suggested that one Google the Wikipedia definition of “Narcissistic Personality Disorder.” Read the description completely and carefully, and decide whether the information relates almost entirely to Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

To continue; is it not apparent to anyone with a semblance of curiosity that the Media might have an agenda to flood the airways with an overdose of Trump exposure that has resulted in his dominant approval rating within a portion of conservative society? This attention, without monetary cost to Trump, is relentless and is confirmed daily by headlines or lead stories that are prefaced with his name, face and a recent speech or interview.  CNN is most guilty of this thirst for ratings; inciting conversations or opinions from any and all available contributors in a morning-’til-night onslaught of typical Groundhog Day style programming.

The surprising and discouraging portion of the ensuing interaction is the open acceptance that Trump would be not only be a viable Republican candidate, but would also be worthy of representing the USA as its President. How is this even a remote thought in any respectful person’s mind?? Even those who choose not to hide their hatred of Barack Obama must at least notice and be aware that he has and would never be involved in name-calling or insulting a member of either political party. He would never exemplify an attitude of bravado that would insult a person of any stature, using terms like stupid, loser, lightweight, bimbo, fat, slob, dumb, and many more disparaging terms. How can anyone other than an obvious zealot choose to define Trump’s persona as “A breath of fresh air that satisfies the anger and protest against an incompetent government”. If one was to decipher his process; there is a distinct correlation to MMA contestants or boxers that, like The Donald, describe in detail how they will dominate a chosen opponent prior to an upcoming contest. After a resultant loss in which the boastful prediction proved to be unsuccessful, the individual accepts that talking and threatening have no influence on an outcome. Is Donald Trump not a braggart; ranting and raving about his wealth, experience, immeasurable intelligence, good looks, etc, etc, belittling all who would question his potential ability to lead a country? Is this behavior not a shining example of Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Could this in any way be construed as  a Presidential attitude? Would America be proud to be lead by “THE DONALD”??? Amazingly to some… Yes… But How??

Don Lemon of CNN is often applauded as an unbiased reporter, but due to his recent Trump-etting would one be surprised if he arrived on camera wearing a Donald Trump T-shirt?? Any negative comments regarding Trump seem to be rebutted immediately when Lemon reminds his guests that “leading the polls” is the ultimate benchmark in any critique. Absent in all discussions is the admission that CNN is the leading edge of Trump access to the public, the major source of his poll successes, and a guarantee that they will perpetuate the exercise to its bitter end. How many repetitive, memorized comments mouthed by the same “experts” are acceptable in legitimate journalism, and why does this methodology not become unbearable to its audience?? It is entirely shameful to realize that there are voters in the American populace that are so uninformed they will blindly cast a ballot for an ego-driven man like Trump, just because he’s in the Media spotlight every day. What part of “Great” is demonstrated by the Media exploitation that ignites this appeal in a bid for higher ratings and profit?? When will Media giants like CNN take a leading role in Reporting the Truth rather than bending the gullible minds that are misled by broadcast professionals?? What motivation would encourage bettering the country as opposed to increased ratings and resultant wealth?? Impossible???


More questions to follow from…


Curious Jack


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