Does CNN Rule??

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I’m just curious — Is it possible that CNN will be the key and motivating component in the election of Donald Trump as the Republican Party nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America?? Is it possible that the (FREE, NO-CHARGE) CNN  air time that he is provided has created an indelible effect on voters that have become staunch Trump supporters?? Is it possible that CNN has promoted and built a media furor that enhances the Trump-led wave of “demand for inexperienced leaders in government”?? Is it possible that CNN has taken advantage of Trump’s thirst for fame by headlining a daily diet of prime-time programming appearances by “The Donald”?? Is it possible that the CNN quest for ratings and subsequent monetary gain will once again confirm that money rules in all aspects of American life??

Why exactly does Donald Trump get more attention from all media than the other GOP candidates combined?? Is he more intelligent than Ted Cruz? Is he more “likable” than Ben Carson? Is he better looking than Carly Fiorina? In better shape than Rand Paul? More dapper than Marco Rubio? More sensible than Jeb Bush? Why aren’t they on TV?? Why doesn’t CNN and the other networks constantly show clips of these candidates’ campaign coverage?  What can it be?? Can it be that CNN has forced the rest of the media giants to follow the leader and exploit the unhinged rants of a bonafide narcissist during his self-serving endeavor to become the President of the United States? Can it be that that the CNN-led media has developed a new and popular approach to political coverage that encourages viewers to observe the phenomenon that has become a Presidential “Reality” Show??

Is it wrong to openly and honestly compare the success of Donald Trump and failure of the other GOP candidates to media-founded “reality” television? Trump himself had a highly-rated, prime-time show. Maury Povich has been revealing guilty or innocent dads for years, and to large, faithful, daily audiences. Dr. Phil enters homes with professional guidance on how not to avoid becoming as pitiful as his guests. Survivor fans are willing to ignore their children rather than miss a compelling episode that might eliminate a contesting favorite. There are multiple comparisons, including mega hits like Duck Dynasty, 19 Kids & Counting, Jersey Shore, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the Bachelor, Real Housewives, and many, many more. So why the comparison?? The SAME citizens of the “Greatest Country in the World” that have viewed, revered and popularized this “reality” entertainment exploitation are the people casting opinions and votes that will determine the future of the country!!

Is it wrong to strongly suggest that these described entertainment creations are in fact, not reality whatsoever and that the “reality” term has been contrived by the media?? Should the American public be encouraged to come to terms with the “reality” that Donald Trump is nothing more than a shallow braggart and is indeed a threat to the entire political process? The mislead, blue collar Trump fans are not conservatives by any description, but are in fact enamored with him in the same manner that they adored the Jerry Springer Show or Fear Factor. If Erin Burnett, Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon are instructed to ignore any coverage of The Donald and his daily exploits, will he be forced into demanding regular air time elsewhere or pay for the fame himself??

Orrrrr….. — Is that scenario in the best interest of CNN?? Or are they better served to continue to invent and perpetuate the “news” of the day as is their process?? The prediction is that CNN will ride the Trump train until the day he quits the campaign altogether, and CNN will reap the benefits of reporting the preposterous reasons for his exit from the presidential race. Sound reasonable?? Until then….


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Curious Jack

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