Would Jesus Approve?? Let’s Compare…

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There are many interpretations and conflicting thoughts regarding the stories told in the bible, both in the Old and New Testaments. As children; most of us were made aware of the various books of the bible via the thoughts of a priest, minister, pastor etc.; often initially by a Sunday school teacher. We were taught about Jesus, the Son of God, and the kind, unselfish and giving way of life that he represented, and the message of goodness that he provided by his mere existence. We were encouraged to give ourselves to God, and to appreciate, worship and follow his path in a quest to emulate his commitments. Jesus showed no interest in personal wealth, pomp or ceremony, embracing the poor and the sick in a selfless manner that was apparent throughout his life. We were told to believe the writings of the bible and not to question the miracles that were described within the confines of these books. We were told to have faith in God and also to fear Him, for we would be punished severely if we did not fully accept Him as our savior. We were directed to live our lives in his image and to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

These teachings still resonate with many of us, and we still equate Christian faith as a basis for kindness and selflessness, with a lack of dishonesty, greed or malice. We expect that Christians will be good listeners who are willing to appreciate the thoughts of their peers in a cooperative goal of communication. This feeling of comforting faith was instilled in us at varying young ages, but somehow served as a foundation of security as we grew into adolescence and adulthood.

So what happened to the Christian faith in our society, and its comparison with the days of Jesus? Today’s faithful choose to doggedly decipher phrases of the bible that might mean that marriage is only meant to be between a man and a woman, and use this translation to viciously protest gay marriage, a practice that is accepted by the majority of the population today. Would Jesus condemn these gay people or would he listen to the consensus?? Their thoughts are similar with regard to abortion rights and resort to screaming, hateful marches in pro-life rituals that show disregard for the well-being of future mothers that will be affected by an unwanted birth. Would Jesus blindly advocate a singular, unbending stance or would he be understanding and show tolerance?? How would he suggest immigration laws be attended to, and would he disregard the lives of families and children that have been accepted in the country for generations?? How would Jesus assess income inequality?? Would Jesus be more inclined to assist the rich in their quest to attain all of the money in the country or would he find ways to guide the underprivileged on a path to reasonable success and a worthy, proud existence?? This is a very short list of examples showing that the ideal of Christianity has been lost in translation, and is instead used as an excuse to alter the lives of citizens everywhere.

Most US politicians and lawmakers are or claim to be devout followers of Christ and Jesus, but do they portray this faith as intended? Would it be acceptable to Jesus that candidates will do virtually anything possible in their power to defame members of the opposing party as well as their own? Lies are commonplace, to be denied and ignored at a later date. Truth distortion is an art form that is a daily presentation to an eagerly listening media audience. Would Jesus answer a direct question, or, (like a politician) ignore the question and discuss an issue unrelated to the topic?? Politicians are elected by the populace and swear on the bible to serve and represent those who voted them into office, but are they committed to the populace or the donors that funded the campaign that resulted in their election?? Would Jesus not  have the substance to recognize this obvious reality and strive to correct this corrupt system??

Donald Trump isn’t familiar with the scripture from his favorite book; the Bible, but evangelicals seem to  believe him because he likes it even better than his own book; the Art of the Deal. But really; does Trump strike you as a kind man in the image of his hero Jesus, or is this the epitome of hypocrisy?? How about Ted Cruz? Does he design his ranting, pompous, overbearing delivery to express himself as a man with the good of the people as his purpose, or is he overwhelmed with himself? Cruz points out that “he might not have a beer with you, but he would drive you home”. Ask yourself; Christian or not — Would even Jesus choose to have a beer with Ted Cruz??? — These guys are not the exception; find ONE candidate that doesn’t play the Christian card to his own advantage. Seriously; would Jesus accuse these people of using his name in vain??? As an honest selfless individual; would he not be ashamed of this deceiving extension of his messages…………??


More questions to follow from…

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