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Commentary from the last Republican Debate still resonates across the nation, and opinions of the content are widely divided. There is much unrest within the US, much of it fueled by a media that is relentless in a quest to expand and perpetuate what is described as “Breaking News”, but is in fact a competition for ratings and profit. Debate coverage has become a new and popular reality show attraction in the “Greatest Country in the World”, but this entertaining, well-intended, informative venue could prove to have created a dangerous, ominous side affect. The normal, visible disgust and differences between candidates has become secondary in a new competition to express which individual has the most hatred for Muslims, and how each would destroy this evil faction that seeks to destroy the homeland. A few have solutions that are devastating and vicious in nature, but are these outspoken promises a wise approach against a religious base that contains reportedly unstable members?? It’s accepted that a number of these people have been radicalized and are a source of fear across the planet, but what if they decide to rebel against these aspiring candidates that so openly commit to destroy the innocent along with the guilty, essentially because of their religious beliefs??

Donald Trump is of course the most outspoken and forceful, and he strongly professes that if elected; he will “Bomb the shit out of them!!” In addition, but not in total; he will flatten their oil fields. He will ban all Muslims from entering or returning to the US. He has also decided that these radicals don’t care about their OWN lives, but they DO care about their families’ lives, and so those families should be “taken out”!! The man who is the front-runner for the GOP nomination publicly supports the murder of innocent people since they are related to a suspected threat to the nation.

Ted Cruz also claims to be an ultra-aggressive, tough-minded individual and when he becomes the president he’ll “Carpet bomb ISIS locations and see if the sand will glow in the dark”!! He realizes there will be death and casualties to uninvolved citizens, but states that these losses are necessary in an all-out thrust in defeating the enemy. Even mild-mannered Dr. Ben Carson casually mentions that there will be unintended losses of life, but that’s a reality that is to be expected.

Chris Christie doesn’t have the physical appearance of someone that might be associated with any type of violence, but he apparently is also a very violent guy. If elected; he wants ground forces to engage with ISIS, regardless of death or injury to US combat troops.  Showing even more strength; he says he’d be more than willing to shoot down Russian aircraft in a no-fly zone, and would be confident in any confrontation with Vladimir Putin…..

Buuuuutt… Are these and other fear-promoters tempting fate and challenging an enemy that will evolve as a translation of these debates? Is it out of the realm of thought that a formerly docile citizen might become so fearful for the lives of his or her family that he or she might take an initiative toward people that openly detest them? What if these hate-filled TV spectacles are spawning a fear that will further the insanity??  For examples — Is Donald Trump’s family safe at all times? Does his daughter go shopping? Do his sons play golf? Do his grandchildren go to school or the park? Does Ted Cruz’ family live in a fortress? Does his wife drive a car? Are his daughters under guard at all times? These are obvious questions but apparently not to some of the GOP candidates. Donald Trump wants to ban all Muslims until he can find out “why these people hate us,” and he seems to be serious when he asks the question of his viewers.

The fear and hatred rhetoric is often softly presented on media television, but a far more significant source is prevalent on Talk Radio. If all-out fear and hatred is to be fully enjoyed; just tune in to the smug experts that have all the answers and solutions. Take your pick; a daily dosage of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter and more will instill a need to kill or be killed, and with certainty!!– This begs another question — Are these people and others spewing the same messages safe from retaliation??

Is it at all possible that history will expose the similarities between Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump and many of the obvious war-mongers that will bring the nation to possible devastation?? Would it be prudent to remove the blinders, read some history and rebel against those that claim to be proud Americans, but are in fact consumed by hatred, both within the country and beyond??


More questions to follow from…


Curious Jack

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