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The election primaries are certainly diverse, interesting and often even exciting to some Americans across the nation. Surprisingly and sadly however; the majority of citizens do not participate in the political quest for office, and members of this vast group are targeted in a quest to create a new source of votes; the Angry Anti-Establishment pioneers. Politicians are now in a daily conflict regarding who is or is not involved with the “Establishment”; a brand-spanking new division that has been concocted in a country already filled with division. This innovative separation can now be added to the basic differences like race, wealth, health care, immigration and many more, but is still inclusive of an inner conflict of religion.

John King is the CNN resident expert in describing the important demographics that result in election trends, and the mapped-out information he provides is revealing in many aspects of blatant division in the nation. A few days ago and just prior to the Iowa caucuses; King referred to an elaborate color-schemed map to show the areas of the state that were predominantly Evangelical, and that these residents were likely to support Ted Cruz. This assumption was based upon the premise that Cruz was a devout Evangelical and would automatically be supported because of this religious connection. This overview became reality when Cruz won the Iowa primary, and did so in spite of strong claims of devotion to God by Marco Rubio or “love for the Bible” by Donald (2 Corinthians) Trump. As an aside; just imagine if King was appointed to conduct a pre-election study in Iraq, and made factual  assumptions and comments like “This is Kurd or Sunni  territory” or “The incumbent will prevail because of his Shiite religious affiliation” in predicting an outcome. The comparison is not palatable, but is undeniably similar and indicates a bias vigorously adhered to by those fearing their God.

Why should religious belief and/or faith be factors in selecting the President of the “Greatest Country in the World”?? Using even a semblance of common sense; why would anyone cast a valuable vote based upon a shared religious following? If one has a leaky pipe, does he or she ask the plumber what church he attends in deciding if the repair can be done properly? If your vehicle needs an estimate, should one refer to a qualified mechanic or a bumbler that is a believer? Think about it — Anything in normal, everyday life exists quite well without involving religion, and this assertion includes your choice of clothing, transportation, entertainment, a hairdresser, an automobile, a computer, a sport, a pet, a painting, dietary plans, etc, etc, etc… We make countless decisions daily that are based on our thoughts, needs or preferences but what influence does religion have upon these often important or critical selections?

John Lennon left an indelible message when he wrote his song called “Imagine”, but could his thoughts be beneficial to politicians that are relied upon to make life more useful to all Americans? What if a devout Christian Senator or Governor was just to imagine there’s no heaven; no hell below us; above us only sky? What if he or she was to disregard all reference to religion when representing constituents that they pledged to serve during an election campaign? ? As Lennon said; why not imagine there is no religion; nothing to kill or die for; all the people living life in peace?? Would urging consideration of these thoughts be an “attack on Christianity” as so many claim, or an encouragement to omit religion of any faith in Governmental procedures??  Are there not so many beliefs available to the populace that the entire process is undefined anyway? Catholics, Protestants (and divisions thereof), Muslims, Buddhists, Evangelicals, 7th Day Adventists, New Testament, Old Testament, Mormons, Scientologists, Children of the Corn, Church of the Broken Baseball Bat, etc, etc, etc. Is it not true that the only constant regarding these religions is that they all believe that their teachings are profoundly accurate and all other beliefs are nonsense??

Is it not incendiary that the media invites broadcast access to individuals like Franklin Graham, son of the late Evangelical icon Billy Graham, and President of an organization named Samaritan’s Purse? Graham asserts that he has no dependence whatsoever in any individual candidate of either party and is adamant that only God can lead the US to the promised land!! — Is it not apparent that Graham’s counterpart in the Middle East is termed an Islamic Terrorist and screams “Allahu Akbar!!” to honor his only savior; his God?? — It is noteworthy that there is no mention by Mr Graham as to how God is going to  solve American issues without appearing here on the planet Earth, but is there any doubt that HE would garner serious backing while running as an Independent….. ??


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