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Antonin Gregory Scalia; Supreme Court Justice of the USA passed away yesterday. Even before his body was removed from the West Texas scene of his death; politicians from both sides of the aisle gathered forces to present biased solutions regarding his replacement. As expected; President Obama stated that he will nominate a qualified candidate “in due time” and GOP spokespeople (including all Republican candidates) insist that the open position should be selected by the next elected President. In this scenario; the Supreme Court would operate shorthanded for well over a year. During that period issues voted upon by the politically-biased system will likely produce stalemate results and an absence of resolution in matters that are important to all phases of American life. Is it not a fact that this conflict could only occur in the so-called “Greatest Country in the World”, and that US politics is not about citizens but about the opposing parties??

Could this situation arise in the real world? Let’s imagine a few examples that might be applicable in the business realm. –

The CEO of a large manufacturing company dies suddenly, and a suitable replacement is needed to continue the progress of the enterprise. Would it be in any way sensible to prolong the filling of a position that has been an integral part of the company, or would it be prudent to resolve the situation as soon as possible by electing a competent individual that will provide continuity rather than a long absence of leadership?

If the General Sales Manager of the aforementioned manufacturing company left unexpectedly; would company management decide to just “wing it” for a year or so, and do without sales leadership? If a key sales rep were to leave the same company, would a Sales Manager elect to wait a year before inserting a new rep in an open territory? If the example company were to lose the Production Manager, would they continue to operate without supervision for over a year rather than fill the position as soon as possible? If the Quality Control Manager was permanently unable to perform his duties, would it be a good idea to just hope that consumers would be happy with the end product for a year or so?? If a line worker in the same plant were unable to perform his duties would he be replaced or would his co-workers be expected to increase their efforts to maintain production goals for the next year??

The obvious answers to these questions is that immediate action would be taken and dealt with in a thoughtful, discerning manner that would expedite a continued company policy. Delaying solutions relating to private enterprise inevitably lead to overall failure, so why are political overviews any different? Isn’t it apparent that politicians live in a separate domain, and that their goal in general has nothing to do with the people that they supposedly represent, but are directed solely toward personal gain?? Why is this blatant truth acceptable to the American populace??

As per rules of the Constitution; Democrats are in favor of a Justice appointment by President Obama. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell is willing to interpret the Constitution in a contrary manner, declaring that any Justice candidate will be blocked by the GOP-controlled Senate. In addition; Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and the balance of the GOP presidential candidates are in full support of this delay of a successor to Scalia, continuing a resolve of  opposing any process that may be presented by President Obama.

Republicans pride themselves as proponents of private enterprise; the belief in the American Dream; the values created by following the guidance of Jesus, and many more idealistic messages that are the foundation of the party itself. But would Rubio survive in a business atmosphere if he voted not to fill an important position of any kind that would effect the prosperity of the company, especially if he did so for personal commitments? In the corporate world; would Ted Cruz be taken seriously if he  interfered in the hiring of a business executive because the individual was in favor of same-sex marriage? Sadly; if the roles were reversed; Democrats would assume the same position of delay, and for the same pitiful, selfish excuses. (not reasons)

Why not face the facts once and for all America?? With some exceptions; your elected representatives do not care about your well-being or your opinions, and this statement will be borne out in the months leading up to the November election. During this period; the Supreme court will emulate Congress and accomplish absolutely nothing relating to the governing process. Unfortunately the negatives will prove to be relentless and the hatred will continue. When the insults increase, and members of the “Divided States of America” indicate that separation has virtually no limits, how can this environment not end in catastrophe??


More questions to come from….


Curious Jack

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