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Is it not difficult to fathom how the flawed election process has exposed the conflicted underbelly of the not-so “Greatest Country in the World”?? The venomous behavior of the presidential candidates, the unwavering supporting pundits, the gluttonous media and the resulting misinformed public have formed a divisive nation, covering multiple issues. How is it possible that a powerful, innovative, incomparable nation like the United States of America seems determined to embarrass itself before the entire planet?? Further; is it not humbling to recognize the polar opposite thoughts within the rhetoric of so many outspoken dissenters of compromise relating to Any and All issues??

Oddly; this friction appears to be acceptable to many, and the media are enthusiastic play-by-play commentators, describing the action and providing win or lose opinions similar to a sporting event. On dull activity days, anchors from networks like CNN, Fox News and more are pleased to create news or to goad invited participants into making hopefully controversial statements that can be feverishly discussed by an endless supply of “experts” that happily fill the air time. Often these commentators areĀ  promoters of hopeful candidates and are more than comfortable repeating canned phrases, professing loyalty to their exemplary “pride and joy,” day after day. Others are regularly accepted as knowing members of the political scene and provide “insight” into the political realm, and relate to the “subtle nuances” that occur but are often unnoticed by “uninformed viewers.” Video clips are used whenever possible, especially those exposing errors, omissions or insults expressed by the subject(s) at hand, thereby guaranteeing a positive flow of controversy.

The strange part is that the networks provide exposure to the same commenters on a regular basis, and even though the delivery might be expressed at a different pace or from a new angle; the message is identical to previous statements. For example; skilled interviewers like Anderson Cooper, Chris Wallace or Don Lemon seem powerless to extract answers from people being asked direct, often yes or no questions. A presidential candidate may be queried about his or her position regarding health care and the response will resemble a speech about the incompetence of an opponent, and related to an entirely different subject. A weak revisit to the original issue is common, and the normal result is a change of topic that results in an additional deflection of the sought-after opinion.

As always; the best example of media pandering is the treatment and worship of Donald Trump in the pursuit of increased ratings. Network switchboards must be instructed to resort to Code Red when Trump calls in to volunteer an opinion, regardless of planned programming, and likely creates as much attention as a bomb threat. When on camera; he literally controls all interviews and overpowers anyone that attempts to ask pertinent questions that don’t suit his position. Trump is gladly provided endless exposure by all networks, but CNN appears to be the most blatant culprit regarding his following, as all news segments are led by a comment or topic based on something he stated or a confirmation of his whereabouts. The seemingly well-respected and discerning Don Lemon is portrayed as an expert, middle-of-the-road news host, but still feels comfortable when announcing the results of his “Day in Trump” portion of his program. If Trump had to pay for the exposure he has enjoyed on CNN and other news outlets, how would the cost or value be calculated?? He is allowed to dominate, using the media to make statements boasting that he is self-funding his campaign, while doing so on a free, absolutely no-charge venue that is viewed by millions of citizens on a daily basis.

To compound the felony; Trump insults the hand that feeds him at random, and in no uncertain terms. He openly claims that the media falsely twists his comments; he insists that interviewers are liars, that they are against him. He proclaims that the media is dishonest, bought, paid for, are politically-based and much, much more. He threatens to change laws that will result in the allowance of Americans to litigate against the media with the goal of monetary compensation. And what does the media do when confronted with these accusations?? Does the media rebel and defend itself?? Does the media confront the bully?? — No. — What the media does is report the attacks as more Trump “headline news” and accentuate his dominance of the airways.

Will the media take responsibility for creating a monster that will become the Republican candidate for the Presidency?? How will history report the role of the media in enabling a deluded narcissist to become a serious representative of the United States of America?? How will the media be accountable for assisting Trump in the creation of an irrational, white hate group that consists of millions of misled, dangerous citizens?? If Trump is elected in November will the media be responsible for the continuing evil that will endure due to his poisonous messages?? Unlikely…….??


More questions to follow from….


Curious Jack

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