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How about some random thoughts regarding what’s going on in Alabama? Is the State of Alabama part of the U.S. of A. or separate from the balance of the “Greatest Country in the World”? Is it acceptable to the balance of the nation that a large portion of inhabitants of a prominent state would consider voting an individual resembling a Roy Moore into the U.S. Senate? This is a Roy Moore that has a history of claiming that homosexuality is comparable to bestiality (the relationship between man and beast) and should be illegal. This is a man that has referred to fellow human beings as Whites, Blacks, Reds and Yellows. In a 2002 custody trial, then Judge Moore ruled in favor of an abusive ex-husband over a woman who had come out as a lesbian; his reason being that homosexuality was an evil crime against nature and that alone would describe the woman as an unfit parent. Moore endlessly championed the fictitious claim that Barack Obama was not an American citizen, regardless of authentic proof. He believes that moral decay, like murder, sodomy, rape, child abuse and abortion are atrocities that can only be cured by accepting GOD. He states that Islam is a false religion and that Christianity alone prevails. Prior to being ousted from his judgeship he made statements like “To do my duty I must accept GOD”, “Rights come from GOD not Government”, “There is an authority higher than the authority of the State”, “The Ten Commandments are the Divinely Revealed Law”, “Separation of church and state was never meant to separate GOD and Government”. “Allah Akbar” anyone?? Why would ANY mindful citizen want a religion-dominated person as a political representative?

Can it be that all too many voters are as mislead as Roy Moore, indicating that blind faith may well be the true evil? As an example, he and his followers are disgusted by transgenders, unwilling to accept the fact that these members of society can rightfully express their inner, unabated sexuality. Transgenders are vilified as potential predators and dangerous to the general public regardless of evidence proving a history of criminal behavior on their part. GOP members in particular are enraged and indignant that the LGBTQ community has any political right whatsoever. Buuuuttt – Let’s compare this small transgender group with a far larger faction that has shown to have committed literally thousands of heinous sexual crimes against innocent children, all under the guise of the GOD-loving clergy and the Catholic Church. For decades these incidents have been hidden, swept under the proverbial rug and allowed to secretly continue with the “blessing” of fellow dedicated Christians. Why has there not been an unbiased, partisan damnation of these practices by so-called GOD-fearing Christians? To this day; which group is more apt to take advantage of children?

So now Alabamans are faced with the dilemma of choosing an accused Republican sexual predator or a Democrat to serve in the Alabama senate. To date, eight different woman have come forth to describe being defiled by Moore when he was an adult and they were teenagers. Should the voters consider that Roy Moore earned a “No Roaming Zone” designation in a Gadsden, Alabama mall or that he may have abused a fourteen year old girl? Should his history of being removed as a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama be a factor in a voters decision? Is it not absurd that he would be re-elected to the same position and once again be removed for the betterment of society in his home state? Should citizens be swayed by Donald Trump’s support of Roy Moore when the President has himself been deemed as a sexual deviant with no less than sixteen accusers? Is it not revealing that GOP pundits openly state that the attaining the party seat itself outweighs the embarrassment of a Roy Moore election, citing that his resulting favoring vote is necessary in passing the Tax Reform bill.¬†Self-serving behavior like this is expected and prevalent in third-world countries or nations dominated by dictatorships and corruption but certainly not in a civilized democracy like the United States.

So where is the pride? Who is willing to take a personal stand against their own and demand responsibility of their peers? Who will put country before party and refuse to allow biased perspective to trump integrity? Is it not apparent that the world is watching and realizing that the country other nations have envied for many years is traveling on a patchwork road to self-destruction rather than set a standard to be admired by all?

What about it Alabama?



More questions to follow from…


Curious Jack



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