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My last article was posted on March 12, 2016. That particular topic related to the Donald Trump media access, and the seemingly helpless obsession of networks that provided him cost-free air time in his Presidential candidacy.

Today, November 13, 2017; the same outlets, (other than Fox News) spend countless hours reporting the atrocities that are provided by President Donald Trump on a regular and dependable basis. Gone are the days of CNN host Don Lemon’s casual and often fun-filled 10 PM “Hour of Trump” kickoff that involved comic relief regarding the candidate’s seemingly foolish attempt to become the most powerful individual on the planet. No longer do the networks (other than Fox News) have the “privilege” of interviewing the “Donald” because he has no need for exposure and is not available for direct criticism.

The Media provided the vehicle that enabled the “Greatest Country in the World” to elect a deranged, narcissistic and literally sick human being to live in the revered White House. No more mirth, no more sarcasm about his ridiculous campaign entry, no more comments about Trump’s futile quest for the Presidency.

In retrospect, is it not obvious to anyone with a brain bigger than an aspirin that almost 2,000,000,000 (2 Billion) dollars in exposure value was given to a controversial maverick in a concentrated effort by the Media to attain higher ratings? Why not give equal time to Jeb Bush? Bernie Sanders? Ted Cruz? Hillary Clinton? Marco Rubio? WHY?? Because they and others like them are dull by comparison? Helloooo….. Does one really need a blind man and a seeing-eye dog to recognize that day after day, night after night Donald Trump was the focus of Media coverage in general, be it TV, Radio, the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, Newspaper etc. If not asked for interviews he called in and was readily accepted by all, even if programming had to be altered, and thereby giving him direct access to a vulnerable voting public, a large portion of which finds Maury Povich and Jerry Springer must-watch, viable entertainment. The Media allowed Trump to create the news. He was able to openly state whatever he wanted, lie as he wished, insult his dissenters, boast of his greatness, make his audacious promises, all with the blessing of a money-hungry Media that couldn’t get enough of the bile that filled the cash register.

Again, fast-forwarding to today; Donald Trump is the President of the United States and how is that working out so far? He was voted in a year ago, so he should be gloating about how Mexico has been making regular payments on his promised Wall that is being built as we speak. What? No Wall? Now America is going to pay for it?……. Well, he’s bound to be thrilled that Obamacare has been quite easily repealed and replaced by a system that is far better and at a small portion of the prior cost. Whoops? No Trumpcare? Wow, that’s a surprise….. Buuuuut – at least Tax Reform has been attended to because that was an easy fix that benefits the poor as well as the middle class and does not involve greedy profits for the ultra-wealthy. Heyyyy – Not yet? Who knew this could be so complicated? What’s happening? Isn’t a promise a promise??…. Trump exposed the excessive Obama golf schedule during his terms but he has no time for that nonsense because he’ll be working like no one before him and…. What?? He’s golfing more than Obama? Mir a Lago??

Trump made many, many promises, but what has he accomplished that has proven to improve the lives of US citizens? Is it possible that he wanted to be elected but doesn’t want the job? Has he discovered that this office is very visible and he can’t flim-flam his way out of his inability to focus on anything other than himself? Does he really have one of the greatest memories of all time as he claims or does he forget things on purpose? Does he really have “great words” as he claims or would he be hard pressed to pass a grade eight grammar and spelling test?

As printed in previous articles I have challenged Trump supporters to search the definition of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and to make an honest layman’s opinion of his compatibility with each of the listed tendencies. Narcissism is an incurable disease. How dangerous can it be that the leader of the so-called “Greatest Nation on Earth” suffers from an unexplained insanity? How could he have been elected? How can members of his party align with him, knowing full well that he is unfit?

Is this not deplorable?


More questions to follow from….


Curious Jack


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