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Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States a little over one year ago, and today it might be appropriate to sarcastically question his voting base. Obvious examples might be – Are you tired of winning yet? Are you surprised at how easy it’s been? How do you like the new Wall? Are you happy with your new Health Care program? Your reduced taxes? Your salary increase? The wide-sweeping infrastructure phenomenon? The amazing solution to Immigration Reform? Are you glad Hillary Clinton is finally locked up? Are you satisfied that Trump successfully sued his sexual accusers? Are you impressed that he has shown how simple it was to put a halt to mass shootings? That “the Swamp” has been cleared? Are you proud that he is as great as he claims to be on a daily basis? That he has an unsubstantiated exceptional I.Q. score? That his inauguration crowd was proven to be the largest in history? That he knows more than his Generals? That he has many words? That he’s very smart? That he finally released his taxation information confirming his philanthropy and kindness?

There are many many more sarcastic questions available, but is it not strange that a large segment of the populace have the ability to ignore the obvious and show blind faith toward a delusional individual that has no interest whatsoever in his supporters? Why are these people not ashamed of this man? Why are they tolerant of his lies, bravado and selfishness? Why do they not feel disgusted that their country is represented by a narcissist who is totally focused on his own agenda and subsequent glory? How is it possible that a large group of political pundits use daily media access to explain what Trump “really” meant to say, or to defend his bizarre behavior? How do devoted Evangelicals tolerate his indiscretions, many of which are unacceptable with relation to their “proud faith”?

How do political figures that Trump publicly insulted, ridiculed and defamed, relinquish their dignity and join him in his crazed quest for Kingdom? How do they answer their children when they are asked if it’s okay to grab a female by the genitals? Punch someone in the face? Bomb the shit out of them? Lie? Boast? Take credit for others’ accomplishments? Spew insults? Publish daily, inane, nonsensical tweets? Is there something different about politicians; do they have a specific moral code that is exempt from generally accepted values? How can elected officials, Democrat and Republican alike, invariably side with their own party regardless of the severity of charges or accusations brought against a fellow member?

Should American citizens not be outraged that Russian agents interfered with the past election, that a foreign power has invaded the electoral process of the self-proclaimed “Greatest Country in the World”? Should there not be a collective demand that this should never happen again and that a relentless bipartisan effort should be implemented to prevent any further intrusion? How and why would President Donald Trump not immediately address this atrocity? Why would he express doubt that there was an intrusion when all of his advisors have confirmed the interference? Why do his pundits continually state that there is no proof of collusion by the Trump administration and that the Special Council’s investigation should be terminated? Aren’t these the same accusers that claimed “leaks” of any kind were an abomination and perpetrators should be legally punished? Now, does the fact that no investigation leaks have been reported mean that the process is inactive and has no merit? Why do GOP members deny Russian involvement? Why are they collectively joined in an effort to absolve the Trump campaign of any guilt? Why have they predetermined that there is no possibility of obstruction of justice or collusion? How can it be that not one GOP Senator, Governor or official put forth a desire to learn a final truth? Is party affiliation more important than possible treason or criminal activity?

Lots of questions, but are these queries invalid and shouldn’t all Americans, regardless of party dedication be joined in a thoughtful, discerning desire to learn the results of investigations that may or may not indicate guilt of any kind? The alternative is to contribute to the notion that citizens of the “Greatest Country” are absolutely loyal to their party and that honor or country are secondary. If that’s acceptable, why not leave your “Make America Great Again” hat on during the anthem? Why put your hand on your heart? Who cares that you’re on the world stage and that everyone is watching? Let’s face it; what do you have to be ashamed of….?



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