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So how are things going today in the so-called Greatest Country in the World?

Well unfortunately it appears that the government has shut down on the anniversary of¬† President Donald Trump’s inauguration. It also seems that there is a difference of opinion regarding the reasons for the shutdown and a host of conflicting accusations of blame with respect to Democrats and Republicans. The GOP is insistent that DACA (the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is not critical to present negotiations because the agreement doesn’t expire until March. Dems insist that DACA needs to be part of any current resolution, not trusting that their counterparts will fairly attend to the safety of these young people as has been promised.

As in all political presentations, it has proven to be impossible to agree on a single issue; the topic MUST be attached to three, four or more other contentious areas of government spending or policy. Somehow it makes complete sense to incorporate Funding for the Military, CHIP (the Children’s Health Insurance Program), an $18,000,000,000 Wall spanning the southern US border, DACA and more in a quest to complete a resolution. Why not admit to the simple truth? Democrats want individuals in danger due to possible deportation to countries that they have no association with to be allowed to remain safely in America; the nation they have resided in for up to 30 years. Many Republicans are more than willing to dismiss them, regardless of their dire future because by law they are illegals and should be deported. Republicans want Donald Trump’s WALL, because he made a campaign promise that must be followed to appease his voters even though Mexico is not going to pay for the structure. Naturally, Democrats disagree, finding the border wall to be a foolish enterprise and a financial burden that has no merit. The reality is that all other facets of government funding could be easily resolved in a bi-partisan manner because both sides agree these basic fundamentals are sensible processes.

But is the DACA dilemma not strange in itself? Many elected officials have fully committed themselves to a position that will result in the deportation of 700,000 to 800,000 PEOPLE that will arrive in what will be to them a foreign country with no means of support or immediate future. Polls show that 87% of the population, regardless of political status recognize that this would be a disastrous example of the integrity of their citizenry. Rather than ask what kind of human being would promote this procedure; why not sarcastically  imagine Stephen Miller in a Gestapo uniform. Or Donald Trump? Or John Kelly? What is truly in the hearts of the dedicated officials and pundits that proudly claim that America is a country of laws that must be adhered to judiciously and above all else?

By comparison; what would happen if a faction of lawmakers decided all household pets, including dogs, cats, birds etc. that were not native to the USA were deemed to be unacceptable and were to be banished to the country of their origin? What if hundreds of thousands of these animals were to be gathered up, taken from their homes and then transported without ceremony to another land and left to fend for themselves? Can one imagine the chaos that would take place among the population? Would the protests from families and individuals all over the nation, Democrats, Republicans, people of faith, atheists, agnostics, wealthy, poor, black, white, etc be endless and frantic? Would these people unite and march together to prevent the injustice placed upon these defenseless creatures that existed through no fault of their own? Would even Stephen Miller be concerned that his Doberman might not survive without his personal care and devotion?

The ugly truth is that all citizens WOULD revolt if this imaginary scenario was suggested because treatment of these PETS would be considered inhumane and disgusting to any American. Sadly, that sympathy does not extend itself to the group known as the Dreamers; PEOPLE that yearn to become citizens of the United States if America.

The government has been shut down. Not because of a burgeoning stock market that Donald Trump has taken full credit for. Not because of an economy that he claims is only growing due to his business expertise and experience. Not because of military spending proposals. Not because of a Wall that Mexico is not going to pay for. It has been shut down because DACA is a reality that needs to be resolved. These are PEOPLE that deserve to be treated at least as well as a household pet. Is anything less acceptable?


More questions to follow from…..


Curious Jack

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