About Me

jack 2I am Curious Jack.

I am Canadian by birth, am semi-retired, and have a relatively diverse business and athletic background. I have an avid interest in the United States of America, with thoughts and questions relating to Politics, Health Care, Race, Gun Control, Media, Climate Change, Religion, Sports, Wealth, Poverty, Foreign Policy and more.

Geographically; I believe the United States combines more positive attributes than any other country in the world. Extensive and widespread physical beauty, climate diversity, mountains, rivers, plains, deserts, lakes, oceans, etc.; a combination unmatched anywhere on Earth………

However; I am curious to know if these qualities are enough to encourage American statements that their citizens reside in the “Greatest Country in the World”. Are repeated claims of greatness enough to overcome the fact that “Saying it doesn’t make it so”?? Does the American public accept this “Greatness” as absolute truth, or are there times when citizens question the validity of the special and privileged lives they are supposedly leading??

Let’s give the subject of the American Dream some further thought…………………………….


Curious Jack