Black and White America

December 1st; protests all over the Greatest Country in the World, and what will be the end result?? What do protesters hope to accomplish?? Who will satisfy their need for change and how will it happen?? Law Enforcement has been exposed as being biased toward Blacks and other Minority groups, so now what?? Black lawyers, activists and outraged supporters have […]

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More Ferguson

Further to my criticism regarding CNN’s coverage of the Ferguson/Michael Brown/Law Enforcement conflict; the deluge of commentaries and “expert” opinions continue. As most predicted; there was no indictment of Darren Wilson, riots and damage did occur (even more severe than anticipated), and racial divide is clearly apparent. CNN has been available to ensure the continuance of the debate; with all-night, […]

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Media – American Talk Radio

Television Media is obviously partisan in many instances. For example; leftist attitudes are portrayed on MSNBC and right supporting beliefs are taken to another, higher level on Fox News. Is it possible however, that Talk Radio influences the opinions of even more listeners in forming harmful thoughts concerning the “Greatest Country in the World”?? First and foremost, can we agree […]

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