Media – American Talk Radio

Television Media is obviously partisan in many instances. For example; leftist attitudes are portrayed on MSNBC and right supporting beliefs are taken to another, higher level on Fox News. Is it possible however, that Talk Radio influences the opinions of even more listeners in forming harmful thoughts concerning the “Greatest Country in the World”?? First and foremost, can we agree […]

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Health Care

Opposing American politicians disagree on almost everything, but why do they disagree on Health Care? As a Canadian; I live in a country using a national Healthcare System similar to programs used in most industrialized countries. Many Americans are unaware that the U.S. is the only industrialized country without a national system, and as a result are ignorant to the […]

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Not the Greatest Country in The World

Just another day in “The Greatest Country in the World’……….. The President of this “great country” uses executive action to deal with the Immigration System; the Republican Party is outraged, threatens numerous forms of retaliation and begins with bringing a lawsuit against the President regarding the Affordable Care Act. As a neighboring Canadian; I constantly wonder why U.S. politicians refer […]

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